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Maltese Moms & Dads Puppy Information Past Puppies Sold Maltese For Sale.
House breaking your puppy for indoors
As of April 1st. 2007 all Mar Brees Puppies were introduced  to the No Mess Tinkle Tray.
Many will be fully trained to use it before leaving here.

Experience the difference!!
Where the  puppies are better then good!

Our puppies are "HOME GROWN" they are raised here under foot @ our farm. ( I do not work with a net work of breeders, ) They are NOT raised by a stranger  in "one state" & sold by someone else in a "different state" and then shipped to you in "your state"! Mar Brees has "HOME GROWN" puppies!  You can be assured your puppy was raised right here! (These are my dogs & my puppies!!) You know where they come from & where they're going! See pictures & weights on their parents, I can share history with past litters from my moms & dads, grandparents and in some cases even great grand parents. I have raised puppies out of the same males & females for the past few years, and have had no health issues. I believe my lines produce genetically healthy puppies.  Your puppy receives extra care before their even born. The females get a special diet shortly after mating to assure you a healthy puppy from the start! Mom & Dad are vaccinated & wormed on a schedule. They receive the highest quality food & fresh  water  daily!  Heat in the winter ,sunshine & fresh country air in the summer! Groomed on a regular basis,
 Dental care when needed.  or on a yearly basis.
There's a difference! You'll see! I do not guarantee size or pet quality vs. show quality. My puppies make great family  companions, and Therapy dogs. They are socialized and fit well into almost any household. My dogs are all cared for and raised with loving compassionate care, The dogs are all treated with dignity & respect! Every single dog that lives on our farm has a name, and all have different personalities. We love them all the same. I have several retired dogs that are living out their years here as spayed & neutered members of our "pet family"

We do everything we can to ensure the placement of a happy, healthy puppy.  While we welcome anyone that would like to come see our puppies firsthand, we do ask that all of our guests help by not visiting multiple kennels in the same day.  We request that you not come to us from another kennel, because this helps avoid exposing our kennel and puppies to any potential cross infections.  Remember pups are not fully vaccinated until 20 weeks of age, so please do your part to keep each kennel you visit a safer place for the little ones.
I  highly recommend the "Tinkle Tray"  for indoor potty training your puppy.
This is a brand new method product... and is a great alternative to
keeping your puppy crated all day while you're at work.
It is VERY CLEAN!!!! No messy paw prints or tore up puppy pads .
Your puppies paws stay dry & clean.. And so do your FLOORS!!!!
Order yours today.
Click here for more info on Tinkle Trays.

Order yours today!

Crate Training your dog.

1. Housetrain your dog. Efficient and humane training aids, crates take advantage of the dog's natural tendency to keep its sleeping area clean. However, you should crate your puppy for only as long as it can reasonably control its bladder and bowels.

2. Protect your dog. Crating a dog prevents it from chewing electrical cords or eating poisonous plants, toxic cleaning fluids, or nylon socks (which can tear up your dog's intestines.) These are only a few dangers awaiting new dogs left alone in a home.

3. Protect your property. A crate costs between $25 and $100, depending on its size and where you buy it. That's a bargain compared to the cost of replacing furniture and other belongings your new dog can destroy.

4. Curb and prevent separation anxiety. You love you dog, but you can't spend every minute of every day with it. The crate can help you teach your dog to enjoy spending time alone.

5. Introduce chew toys. A dog engrossed in chewing a toy will stay out of mischief. Give your dog time in its crate with two stuffed chew toys, and it'll become hooked on its crate and stay out of trouble.

6. Give a timeout. A new dog gives your great rewards, but it also can drain you. If your dog becomes excessively excited or starts nipping, use the crate for a brief timeout. Don't do this to punish your dog. (Never use a crate negatively.) Rather, the timeout allows your dog to regain its composure so it can interact appropriately with you.

7. Travel safely. Whether your dog travels by air or car, a crate is one of the best ways to ensure safety. Additionally, when you stay in a hotel, keep your dog in a crate to prevent damage.

8. Provide Security. Crates provide your dog with its own quiet place to hang out—especially important if you have a busy household and children. To encourage your dog to accept people petting it while inside the crate, praise it and give it tasty rewards on occasion. Also, let children know not to bother your dog while it is inside the crate. That's its quiet time

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Home Maltese Moms & Dads Puppy Information Past Puppies Sold Maltese For Sale