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We are Marj and Brian Kruger, and we LOVE what we do! 

We feel very honored to have a business that allows us to mix BUSINESS and PLEASURE.

We have raised animals  for the past 27 years.  Brian grew up on a livestock farm.  We have raised three wonderful kids on our beautiful 10 acre country ranch and they have grown to show our passion for animals.  They are now passing this love to our next generation.

For 10 years, we owned and operated a 250 unit sow operation.  Farrow to feeder pig.  I managed the farrowing house & nursery.  The experience & knowledge I gained carried right over to my puppies, kittens and horses.

We foal out about a dozen mares & foals each year.   We are a family  of "Horsemen" and have over 25 years experience.  Both of our sons are avid horsemen as well, both boys rope, ranch sort, ranch rodeo, team pen , cut at NCHA events & put time in on the horses here.

Brian has contributed a lot to the horse industry in the upper Midwest, he deals in a lot of those honest broke cow smart horses!! It's quite often to see the horses he's sold in several of the top placing at the events in our area!!!

Mar Brees puppies and Bengal kittens receive a lot of attention & care, I feel I have developed a passion for these little creatures. I adore my puppies and kittens, and am confident all my new owners will too.

I do a lot of the extra care myself, but when needed I do not hesitate to call on my veterarian.  I have a excellent relationship with them, and they are always eager to help out when needed.

Experience the difference! 
 Where are pets are treated better then good.

All our animals  are "HOME GROWN".  They are raised here under foot at our farm.  I do not work with a net work of breeders, these are my dogs, cats and our horses!!  You know where they come from & who they came from! 

My cats and dogs are all cared for and raised with loving compassionate care.  They are all treated with dignity & respect! Every single pet that lives on our farm has a name, and all have different personalities.  We love them all the same.   I have several retired dogs that are living out their years here as spayed & neutered members of our "pet family"

See pictures & weights on the parents, and some grand parents.  I can share history with past litters from my moms & dads.  I have raised puppies out of the same males & females for the past few years, and have had no health issues. These are my "Lines" I have several 4 - 6 generation bred dogs, raised right here by me that are producing my puppies!  I believe my lines produce genetically healthy & happy puppies and kittens. 

Mar Brees has nothing but "HOME GROWN" puppies and kittens! 

You can be assured your new pet is "HOME GROWN".  It has NOT been raised by a stranger  in "one state" & sold by someone else in a "different state" and then shipped to you in "your state".

bulletYour puppy receives extra care before their even born. 
bulletThe moms get a special diet shortly after mating to assure you a healthy delivery from the start! 
bulletMom & Dad are vaccinated & wormed on a schedule. 
bulletThey receive the highest quality food & fresh  water  twice a day.  
bulletHeat in the  winter and sunshine / fresh country air in the summer! 
bulletGroomed on a regular basis.
bulletDental care when needed.

There's a difference! You'll see!

We have a lot of fun with our saddle horses, bengal cats and dogs, and try to raise the best we can.  We put lots of care & attention into our breeding programs, and want our customers to be very happy with their purchase and the way we do business.

Contact us and experience what sets us apart from everyone else!!

Brian & Marj Kruger
Ph. 320.367.2562

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