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Adult Shiba's Past Puppies Sold

Shiba Inu's

Mar Brees
Marj Kruger
Please send me e-mails directly from your inbox, I do not get them by clicking this link.

Please add $4.00 per $100.00 when using papal

I Ship puppies successfully with Delta  airlines. Shipping is $300.00 - $350.00 in the US
Most of my Shiba's roam our farm freely, They are considered our farm dogs & pets. My dogs are smaller then most Shiba's you see, They make for extra cute pets & companion dogs. They are very clean dogs & love to be made "part of the family" Shiba's  are a very smart breed and are very quick to house train. They are very safe for all ages of family members, they really like being with you, but yet they are not needy and do not have anxiety when left alone. They are quite content to sit with the family and "enjoy the moment"  they don't jump on you and require your 100% attention all the time. Super easy dogs to have around!
 My Shiba's are registered with CKC.  $200.00 Deposit will hold your puppy. ( non refundable)
We do everything we can to ensure the placement of a happy, healthy puppy.  While we welcome anyone that would like to come see our puppies firsthand, we do ask that all of our guests help by not visiting multiple kennels in the same day.  We request that you not come to us from another kennel, because this helps avoid exposing our kennel and puppies to any potential cross infections.  Remember pups are not fully vaccinated until 20 weeks of age, so please do your part to keep each kennel you visit a safer place for the little ones.
All my puppies are sold as "Pet Companions" only. No puppies sold for breeding.

"Dogs are not our whole life.... But they make our lives whole."

This is home to some of the Top Shiba Inu's in the upper Midwest!

* I will have the Largest selection of Shiba Inu puppies in the Upper Midwest *

* I offer discounts for Military families *
Must be in active duty or have served out of the country.

My site is current,
  Expecting 3 litters of Shiba / Mini Eskimo cross puppies in Dec. 2014
They have arrived, Blacks ~ Creams & Reds. Boys & Girls.

Please email or call.
No Texts Please.

Oct 16th 2014
Crystal & Axel
3 girls & 3 Boys

( Ready Dec. 16th)

Cream puppies.

Extra Teeny Tiny Female # 1 For sale
You can see how Tiny she is compared to her sister.

Red Female # 2
 sold Curt & Joyce, Alaska


Cream Female #3 for sale
"Candy Cane"



Cream Male # 2
For Sale
"Charlie Bear"


Red Male # 3
For Sale
"Christmas Bear"


Sept 29th 2014
Bootsie & Romeo
2 red males
( Ready Now for Christmas)
Gorgeous puppies!!

Red male # 1 for sale

Red Male #2
For sale


Oct 29th 2014
ShyPey & Bonzi
5 puppies

Cream Female # 1 For Sale

Red Female # 2 For Sale
This little girl is a Peanut, small, Petite and quite the Flirt!

Puppies Below Are
Shiba x Mini Eskimo Crosses

BB & Axel
Litter born Dec. 9 2014
5 puppies / 3 creams & 2 Blacks

Black Female

Dec 12th 2014
Sweet Pea & Bo
4 creams
2 females / 2 males

Male 1 for sale
Has more of a Shiba coat, very sweet & lazy puppy

Male 2 for sale
Fluffy coat will have a coat more like an Eskimo, sweet, quiet and cuddly.

Female 1 for sale
Med coat on Viv, She is Peppy! Playful and very Fun!


Female 2 for sale
This little girl has a sassy, playful side to her, her little tail never quits wagging.

My adult Breeding males & females below.
I have had Kia for about 6 years.
He is the sire to several of my young boys below.

Clear Red ( Bred & raised here)
He is a son of Dove & Red Teddy

Dark Flame Red
He has the "Joker" smile.
(Bred by a friend of mine)

(Son of Kia & Presley, Bred & raised here)
Red Sesame

His baby picture,

"Teddy Cream"
(Bred by a friend of mine)

(Son of Kia & Foxy)

Adult Breeding Females



Annie Oakie
Raised here at Mar Brees
Daughter of Red Teddy & Oakie




My old Soul, She is the best Shiba Inu I have ever met.
She's a one of a kind!


(Daughter of MaLing)

Mi Loni
Coming soon

Coming soon




Shelby & Chopper
Feb. 5th 2012
2 boys & 3 girls.

This will be a super tiny litter of puppies Micro Shiba's.

This litter weighs between 1 lb. 6 oz. - 2 lbs. at 5 weeks.
These are registered puppies.
 The father is an AKC Champion

"Dad" pictured above

I don't usually have weird props in my pictures,
but I am trying to give you an idea of how small these puppies are.
You will search long & hard to find Shiba Inu's this small of this excellent quality!

Pictures below updated 3/26/12


Female # 3
sold ,
Sandra & Britany Thunder Bay Canada.



The whole litter below, after their bath.


Crystal & Stetson had 4 girls on 1/25/12
ready for new homes 3/24/12
This whole litter has been sold.

Female # 1 sold Ryan, SD.
The smallest in the litter

4 weeks below

Female # 2 sold Jolene, MN.


Female # 3 sold John, MN.

Female # 4 sold Jennifer, TX.

Ching & Hatchi had 1 boy on 1/3/12

Puppies ready for new homes on 2/28/12

Male # 1 Sold Doyle, MN

Dec. 4th 2011
SoPon & Chopper

 2 Females & 1 male.

This litter has outstanding personalities!!!

Female # 1 Very small Sold


Female # 2 sold Ron Marsh. MN.

She's the one to your right.

Male # 1
Sold Steve D and family, Ortonville, MN.
Very outgoing puppy!!! Super Happy Healthy & Social!

He's to your left.

All puppies sold below this line.

Peyton x Chopper  Oct. 4th

2 females / 1male

Female # 2 sold Jeremy B, ME.

 MaLing & Chopper,  Oct. 21st
3 females / 3 males
This litter will be ready just in time for Christmas.
Excepting deposits on this litter now.

Male # 1 sold, MN.

Male # 2 sold Karen S. SD.

Male # 3  Sold Angelica, Ca.

Female # 1 Sold Jim Heckman, MN.
( same puppy)

Female # 2   Staying here.

Female # 3 Sold Lisa, CT.

Presley & Kia
4 females born Aug. 6th 2011
All puppies in this litter sold.
This litter will be very fancy & extra small. All the girls in this litter are available. Ready for their new homes Oct. 1st. 2011

Female P1 Sold Mitchell F. MN

Female P2 sold Emily C. MN.

Female P3
sold Carola, MN.

Red female
Sold Shannon, MN.

Pictures updated 9/3/2011
Annie & Kia
7 puppies born July 24th. 2011
This whole litter is sold.
4 males & 3 females
Ready for new homes Sept. 18th. 2011

3 females

Female # A 1 sold, Westman family, MN.
Sweet, mild temperament very plush hair coat.

Female # A2
Sold me, staying here.
Really playful, outgoing and has a lot of confidence.

Female # A3 smallest in the litter, Litle babydoll!
Sold Sarah V. MN.

4 males

Male #A1
sold Joyne Martinez, TX.
This puppy is the first one to show his personality, Waggy tail, Playful and friendly.
He is trilled to catch a leaf, play with a twig or anything else that moves.
Very outgoing!

Male #A2  
Nancy & John H. MN.
Mike will be making his final selection in a few days, he has it narrowed down to Male 2 or 3.
Sweet little Teddy bear. mild, cuddley and will have a very plush coat!

Male #A3
Sold Mike, Fargo ND.
Calm, reserved and cuddley.
He's more on the lazy side and has a "That's how I roll" personality.
Doesn't get to shook up, Layed back and will be an easy puppy to have around.

Male #A4 
sold Jayme B. MN.
This puppy is in the middle of the pack. He's got a really rich color, solid personality and not to much bothers him.

Presley & Kia
4 females born Aug. 6th 2011
This litter will be very fancy & extra small. All the girls in this litter are available. Ready for their new homes Oct. 1st. 2011

Foxy & Teddy April 23 2011
1 small red male sold Patricia Meredith MN.

Oakie & Teddy March 2011
2 males
Male sold Brittany C. MN.

Black Male sold. Sarah V. MN.

Jan. 10th 2011( Date of birth)
Black Male Sold

LeAnnia x Hachi
Born Nov. 1st. 2010   
3 females
Pictures updated 1/17/11

This litter will be SUPER small,
Mom is 12 lbs. dad is 15 lbs.
This is mom, 1 week from delivering this litter.

Female # 1L Sold David M. Georgia
Will be very tiny, 10 - 12   lbs. full grown.
Super cute and one of a kind! Looks like a baby fox!
She's got the middle personality, she is the smallest of the litter and just as swet as can be!

Female # 2L Sold Ryan, MN.
Super small should be 12 - 14 lbs. Full grown
Lots of eye appeal, she has tons of expression.
She is a rich beautiful darker red, she's very outgoing and curious. An absolute Doll!!!! 

Female # 3L  sold   Justin & Valerie.

Very playful and has deep rich color.
She's the lazy puppy of the bunch.

Female # 1 and # 3

Extreme Makeover!
Moorhead, MN.
"Foxy" 2009 Red Shiba Inu,
 Proudly owned by Arlin H. bred and raised by Mar Brees Shiba's
Extreme Makeover built a home in Moorhead, MN. Arlin lived at the end of the street where the new home was being built. Foxy met the security guards every night for her evening walk. It didn't take her long to wins the heart of everyone she met. Foxy spent a week at the location and became quite the celebrity!
Foxy is a daughter of Dodger & Peyton.

Foxy greeting people when they came to watch. Breanna ( My daughter) and Jessi delivering in food from "Famous Dave's"   Fargo ND.

Foxy as a 14 week old puppy.


One of my males I use for breeding.

I feed Royal Canin small puppy food.

I feed my adults "Red Flannel" dog food."
 Made by Land O Lakes Purina.



ropedi1.jpg (7244 bytes)


Life size:  15 Hands Tall, 8ft.3 inches long,100 lbs.


Custom painted to look like any horse.


QH style $1275.00 / Paint- $100.00 -
$200.00 more depending on pattern.


Top of the line mold very heavy muscled.


We also offer Arabs - Drafts - Mini Ponies & Colts.

ropedi1.jpg (7244 bytes)
Bay Full body.jpg (60111 bytes)Bay head shot.jpg (102751 bytes)
Hemphills, Maine
ropedivider.jpg (7244 bytes)

Pal. full   maine.jpg (109933 bytes)
Bill Woffl, Maine
ropedi1.jpg (7244 bytes)

fiber1a.jpg (15490 bytes)          fiber2a.jpg (14294 bytes)
Bill Parker, Mt.

ropedi1.jpg (7244 bytes)
fiber3a.jpg (11020 bytes)     fiber4a.jpg (20429 bytes)
Janice Brockhouse , Minnesota
ropedi1.jpg (7244 bytes)
Please contact us if you'd like more information.  

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