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Maltese Moms & Dads Puppy Information Past Puppies Sold Maltese For Sale.
Mar Brees past Maltese puppies sold
I'd love to post pictures of your puppies as they grow. Please e-mail me pictures.


Lula Rae x Joanzie
Aug. 6th 2018

Male  Sold Gloria D.


Sold  Sharon A.


Dolly & Jones
March 7th 2017
2 female puppies

Both puppies
sold Shannon S. & Lori S.

Cross bred puppy. Born Jan 8th 2017

"Maggie" sold

Super sweet! Very cuddly and would make a great puppy for an older couple.
loves to be held & pampered. Started on potty training.


Lil Circus & Mr C ( 3puppies)
Dec. 18th 2016
Very small T Cup male,  At 12 weeks he is 1 lb. 1 oz.
estimated adult weight 3 lbs. no small children in the home, and no big dogs.

Meet Little Rudy!
He is energetic, Playful and very outgoing! He has a little static cling  going on in these pictures.

Sold Ann S.

Male sold Dana O.

Sold Lisa M.

Emmie & Punky
Nov. 6th  2016

( Ready for their new homes 1/14/17)

 Sold Karen Y.

Sold. Lori

 Sold Lisa J.

Purebred Maltese
Ellie & Punky
 born 9-24-16

Female #1  Sold Calen
"Ellie Babe"

Female #2  Sold Bruce R.
"Ellie Pie"

Frisky Lady & Punky
Oct. 4th 2016

Female #1 sold, Bobbie
( The little dark patch around her eye is called Lemoning,
 it will fade to pure white as she grows)

Krissy & Griz
( Bichon / Maltese - Pom Cross)
Sept 10th 2016

Male #1  sold

Male #2   Sold Peter R.

Female sold

Blossom & Punky

May 17, 2016

Female # 1 sold Lelia F.
"Betty Lu"

Female # 2 T Cup sold Janelle C.
"Beanie Baby"

Lil Circus & Punky
May 23,2016

Female # 1
"Lil Lucy" sold Raymond M.

Female # 2 sold Laurie H.
Lil Lilly"

Female # 3  sold Larry W.
"Lil Lola"

Emmy & Jones
New litter born 4-26-16

Female # 1 T Cup
Estimated weight 4 lbs.

"Dolly Rose"
Sold Lorie A.

Female # 2 Sold Cheryl F
 Estimated weight 5-6 lbs.

Female # 3
sold Brett O.
Estimated weight 5-6 lbs.
"Jenny Rose"

Ellie & Jones
Had 3 beautiful boys

This litter has an exceptional hair coat, straight, silky, bouncy.
Both parents have excellent coats!

Male # 1  Sold Chirlyn T.
Estimated adult size 5-6 lbs.


Male # 2  Sold Mary H.
Estimated adult size 6-7 lbs.
Met Mary on the same day as delivering JoJo. Saved Mary 6 hours round trip. Was glad to help her out, as her husband is recovering from a fall and staying @ a nursing home. They have been waiting for this little guy to bring some Joy in their home.

Male # 3  Sold Alan A.
Estimated adult size 6-7 lbs.
This little guy is a Pistol!! Super fun, outgoing, playful, and  loves to play with his toys.

A special delivery made by me, this was a birthday present surprise for a mom of an NBA Player, was fun to see the excitement she had for her little "JoJo"

This was my second time delivering of a Maltese puppy to a mom on her birthday,

 from her Son who is a Pro Athlete.

TuTu & Punky
Jan 18th 2016
Female sold Carolyn F.

Male T Cup
sold Brett N.

Callie & Punky
Jan 18th 2016

Female #1 T Cup Sold Meredith G
8 weeks old / 16 oz.

Female #2
sold Craig C
"Cee Cee"

 SMALL T Cup Male  Sold John P.
 ( serious inquires only please)
Estimated adult weight 3-4 lbs.

2 lbs. @ 15 weeks.
Very outgoing, fun, peppy and spunky!
Loves to be held & Pampered.


Lil Circus & Punky

Whelped Nov. 8th 2015

 sold Arlene


Male # 2 sold Steve & Cheryl

Male # 3 sold Karalynn, MN.

Male # 1 T Cup  sold Dawn
"Little Lover Boy"

Petal & Mr C
Oct, 13th 2015

T Cup Female # 1 Sold Phyllis C. MN. 
will mature to 3.5 - 4.5 lbs.

Female # 2 Sold Rick C. MN.
will mature to 3.5 - 4.5 lbs.


T Cup Male # 1 sold Michelle O. MN.
will mature to 3.5-4.5 lbs.

Friskey Lady & Goldmine
9/27/15 Litter born

3 girls  / 1 boy

Out playing for awhile on our last nice day, in their everyday clothes. This is an extremely high quality litter, all have large round black eyes, strong black points, round head & bodies. and are extremely social & friendly!

Female # 1 Sold Connie T. MN.

Female # 2    sold Jodi P. MN.

Female # 3  sold Jill V. MN.
will mature to 6 -7 lbs.

Male # 1 Sold Connie, MN.

Date of birth 6/8/15
Male # 1 sold Fairfax, MN.
Approx. adult weight 5-6 lbs.


Male # 2 sold Terri, Miltona MN.
Approx. adult weight 6-7 lbs.

This puppy has some tear staining, but has gotten better already, this is common during the teeth process, I have tips can can clear this up once the teething process is over.


Date of birth 5/11/15

Female sold
Should mature to approx. 6 lbs. she has a beautiful coat,
Big black eyes, short muzzle and striking black points.
She is ready to join her new family anytime.



Tu Tu & Simon
had 2 puppies 5/23/15

Female # 1 sold Bali, MN.

Female # 2 sold Heidi, MN.

Oct.7th 2014
2 puppies 1 female & 1 male
Super high quality litter

Sold Margaret & Bob, MN.
She will be very small.
Super high quality.

"Holly Babe"


Male sold DeAnne, MN.
Super cute puppy.
Doll face nice short body & face.
SUPER Playful & Fun!!!

This is the nicest little boy ever!!! Super short nose, beautiful coat, Friendliest personality you'll find and just sweet and smart!!!

Oct. 21st. 2014

Tcup Male 1 Sold, Holly MN.
Small and doesn't know it, super outgoing.
"Mr Pep"


Male # 2 sold

Male # 2 Sold Penny, WI.
"Rod Stewart"


Aug. 11th 2014
Sold Julie, MN.

( her 2nd. Mar Brees Maltese)
Very petite, sweet and calm

Should mature to 4 - 5.5 lbs.


July 8th 2014
3 males & 1 female

Female sold Michele, MN.

Male # 1
Sold Shari, MN.


Male # 2 sold,Sam MN.

Fun , outgoing & Snuggley.

Male # 3
Sold, Milia, MN.
Sweet docile and snuggley

June 20th 2014
Lil Circus

Male 1 Sold Liz S. MN.

Male 2 sold

Male 3 T Cup Sold Deb N, MN.

Female  sold

Female # 1 
Sold Denise & Wendy,
This will be their 4th & 5th MarBrees Maltese puppy over the past 10 years. She will be spoiled and loved my her Human family, and her Maltese family awaiting her arrival.
"Fi Fi"
The smallest in the litter, she is bouncy and playful, has a nice coat, and a doll face.

Female # 2 sold Denise & Wendy,
On the calmer laid back side, nice full coat.

Female # 3 sold Mike & Laurie N, MN
Very sweet nice think coat, she is playful and bouncey.

sold Cathy, MN.
Very cuddly and sweet, super laid back and calm.
Frankie had Cathy from the minute she seen him on my site. His picture had been posted for 30 minutes when Cathy seen him. She and her husband came right away ( turns out there were only 65 miles from me) and Frankie went right to her, this was truly love @ first sight. The family has a beautiful little Lexie Angel that was called to heaven, and their hearts needed the love & companionship of little paws bouncing on their floors again. Frankie went to a mom & dad that will doubt over him daily.

Percy & Goldmine

Date of Birth Jan 9th 2014
Male sold. MN.


Female sold, Mn.

This little girl is a T Cup
She has a very straight coat, will be about 4 lbs. very sweet and potty trained to the No Mess Tinkle Tray.

Maltese x Pom cross puppies
March 15th 2014
Mom is a Maltese dad is Griz my Pomeranian male. These will make exceptional pets. Maltese personality with color! These puppies will not require the daily grooming of a white Maltese. Super sweet personalities!
Female sold, Lori, MN.

Brown Male sold Jennifer,Duluth, MN.

Mom is a Maltese dad is Griz my Pomeranian male.

Black Male sold Gilson family, MN.

Bear is black with some silver coming through his face and paws. He is a real fun puppy, has a lot of zip and would be really fun for a family with kids. or an outgoing active person.

Lil Circus x Goldmine

Dec. 6th 2013

1 male & 1 female litter

Female sold Jeanie, MN.

Male sold

Frisky Lady x Goldmine
Born Dec. 1st. 2013

Male # 2
Sold Sheri, MN.

Male # 3 Sold Sandi, MN.

"Lizzy" sold Judy S. 
I had kept this little girl back for myself, but she's not going to get big enough to breed.
Her personality is quiet and snuggly! She is a PERFECT LAPDOG!! she is just as sweet as can be! 
She will sit on your lap for hours. Her coat is straight & silky.

 Male born July 14th 2013
sale pending  Randy & Kim. MN.
This is a super FUN puppy!! he loves to untie your shoes, play with toys, bounce and entertain you. When you pick him up he just melts! So snuggly. He's be a great addition  to a family with kids!  ( He's ready for Christmas!)

T Cup Male born July 18th 2013
sold Chris & Jordan, MN.

7 month old male. Sold Joanie, MN.
This little guy will mature to about 6 lbs. he is a super fun puppy, he loves to play & can really "HAM" it up! If you have small children, This is the pup for you!

Sold to Sue & Adam W. MN.
Maggie will be joining a wonderful family where she will be the 3rd. doggie child. She will be spoiled and loved everyday!!

Litter born Jan.11th. 2013
Female # 1 sold  Michele, MN
"Sugar Pie"

Male sold Jennifer & Dan. MN.

Nov. 20th 2012
Cassidy & Jasper

This adorable little boy will be ready the end of January
This is a Maltese crossed Hybrid, he will be a beautiful red sable with a full white collar.
Sold Sue S. MN.

Camille & Simon litter born  Dec.18th 2012
3 girls & 1 boy,

This whole litter is sold.

Female T Cup # 2 ( 5 weeks 15 oz.)      
" Tootsie "
Sold Sy    

Female # 3 ( 5 weeks 1lb. 2 oz.)
" Tabitha "
Sold Bonnie, MN.


Male # 1 ( 5 weeks 1lb. 3 oz.) sold Susan, MN
" Tigger"

Oct. 19th 2012

Male For Sale.
Sold Mary Anne & Glenn

Female sold Kristen, MN.

July 12th 2012
This litter is ready now. All have baby doll faces and compact bodies.
Male # 1 sold
Should mature to 6 lbs.
He is doll faced, real round and has a cobby body.

Male # 2 sold
Should mature to 5 lbs.

He spilled his water and was playing in mud just before the pictures we taken.
Doll face with extreme black points.

Sold, Renee MN.
She will be about 6 lbs. full grown.
Dolly face, very compact, she is a high quality little girl.

Maltese cross puppies 6/1/12
Both males. Super cute puppies, they have a gorgeous coat, just like a Maltese but with color!
Lighter one sold, Natalie, MN.
Darker one sold, MN.

May 15th 2012
3 Males  & 1 female were born.

1 Male & 1 female sold Brendan & Lexi , MN.

1 puppy sold JoAnn, MN.

Male sold to Paula, MN.

Sassy & Simon had 2 female puppies
April 22nd. 2012

 1  Puppy sold Sara & Robin, MN.

The day they picked FiFi out, and the day they came back for her.
FiFi has a very loving home with her sister Moshu.

sold Marti, MN.
This little girl is amazing! she is so full of life,
 LOVES everyone she meets. She is just a doll! Should mature at 3- 4 lbs.
Molly needs to go to a home that will appreciate her size, she is not designed for a family with small children, or other bigger dogs.

Feb 1st. 2012
Cute'zee & Simon had 3 puppies
1 Female & 2 males

Female # 1 Sold Savannah MN.

Male # 2 Sold Jennifer, MN.
"Chuck" 1 lb 10 oz. at  8 weeks

Male # 2
"Chip" 1lbs. 10 oz. at 8 weeks
Sold, MN.

Roxie & Mr. C
Feb. 19th 2012
Small T Cup male
1 other male should mature at 5 lbs.
sold to Donna ND.

Sold to Christy & Gene, MN.

This little boy is adorable!! He has the shortest little nose, nice short back, nice round dark eyes, silky straight hair coat. And Best of all an outstanding personality! He is a 3rd. generation bred puppy from me both on his mom & dad's side.


Billy Jo & Oliver
Oct 5th 2011

Sold Ashley, MN.
 He loves kids and people, He is current on his vaccines and has been de wormed.
This little boy is ready for his forever family,

Updated March 2012

Date of birth Nov. 15th 2011
Pictures taken 2/29/12
T Cup Male Sold MN.

Male # 2 sold
This puppy has a real straight coat & is really white.

Puppies born 12/24/11

pictures taken 2/29/12
( 9 weeks old)

Female # 1 T Cup

Sold Pat P. MN.

Female # 2 Sold Marylyn, MN.


Female # 3 sale pending Jennifer, MN.

Dora x Simon born 12/26/11
Female # 1
"Hearts" Sold Ashlee

Female # 2
"Kisses"  sold Sandy MN.

Sugar  & Mr.C
1 boy & 3 girls Sept. 25th 2011
ready for new homes 12/21/11

Here's baby doll Scooter!!! He is as cute as can be!
Should be about 4.5 - 5.5 lbs.

Female # 1
sold Kiley & Luke, MN.
Should mature to 5-6 lbs. she has a very nice coat.

Female # 2
sold,Lisa & Troy, MN.
What can I say about her, have you ever seen a more baby doll face!
Round, cobby and just Cute!!
She looks like a stuffed animal. white straight silky coat.

Female # 3 sold Char SD,
Should mature at 5-6 lbs. Nice round head & big black eyes.

Billy Jo & Oliver
Oct 5th 2011

Female sold
"Billy Mae"
Nice little girl, she is calm & sweet!


Missy & Goldmine
1 female & 2 males Oct. 5th 2011

T Cup female Sold, Tom, Sandy & Emily, MN.
Should mature at 3.5 - 4 lbs.

Male # 1
Sold David. J

Male # 2
sold Issa, MN.

Bobby Jo & Simon
1 female Oct. 3rd. 2011
Ready for new home 12/21/11
Female sold
"Bobby Sue"
Sweet little baby, should be about 5 lbs.

Pearl & Oliver 3 puppies born Aug. 5th 2011
2 females & 1 male
sold to Kaye, Iowa P 1 Female

White Rose & Mr C
 3 babies on Aug. 17 2011
2 females & 1 male

T Cup female sold
"Whinney" approx. adult weight 3 - 4 lbs.

Male "Weston"

Female # 1
"Whitney" sold, Adult weight approx. 5 lbs.

"Casper" sold Kelsey & Brandon, MN.

Maltese / Long haired
Chihuahua  cross born 6/22/11
1 male puppy ( T - Cup) sold Kay Iowa

Litter of 2 Maltese males born 6/21/11
all sold.
Male  # 1
 sold, Mike & Dezzie MN.

Male # 2   sold, Mike & Dezzie, MN.

Rudy & Rocky pictured below

Rudy, Rocky & Buddy pictured below

Cookie & Jasper
Maltese & Long haired Chihuahua  cross
Aug. 23rd. 2011
This is a popular cross, non shedding, bouncy body hair type, super easy to maintain.
Gloria and family, MN.


This is a popular cross, non shedding, bouncy body hair type, super easy to maintain.

Male "Heath" Sold JoAnn H. MN.

Chrissy & Jasper had puppies on 12/10/10
Maltese - Long hair Chihuahua cross puppies
1 female & 2 males
sold Denny, MN.
This little girl is an absolute doll!!!
She is non shedding, never mats or tangles. She's just as sweet as can be!
Denny has checked in a few times he says she is quite a "Daddy's girl" ( I'm sure his grown daughter would love to hear that... : ) She is spoiled and loved, she will be spending her springs, summers & fall in Duluth, MN. and her winters in Sunny AZ.
Pictures updated 4/28/11

Pearl & Simon Jan 15th 2011
Purebred Maltese
Simon is 3.4 lbs and Pearl is 5.5 lbs
This is an exceptional litter.
Female "Patsy" sold Cindy P. MN.
Excellent quality and temperament!

T Cup male "Punky" Sold Kathy & Dave, MN.
This little boy is something else!!!
He has the "Little Big Man Syndrome"
Cocky, confident, curious, and very outgoing!!!!
Should mature in the 4 lb. range.

Male Sold, MN.
He's ready now, his brother & sister are in their new homes.

New pictures 4/6/11

Dessa x Jasper 12/15/10
2 males / 2 females

Maltese x Long hair Chihuahua cross puppies

Female " Sophia" Sold Sharla & Ken SD.

Male # 1 "Digger" sold, Melissa, MN.

Female " Gabby"
Sold Renee, MN.

Male # 3  "Rascal"
sold  MN.

Updated pictures 3/13/11

 "Banjo" sold Richard B.
(The dark puppy with the all white face)
"Benji"  sold Richard B.
(Lighter puppy)
Richard, you're gonna love your 2 new family members!!!
Thank you for keeping them together.

Benji                                          Banjo

Male # 2 " Riley"
This puppy would make such a nice pet for a family with kids, he's always happy,
wagging his tail and just a super fun puppy!!!

I have heard from this puppies new owners 4-5 times the 1st month that they had him. She just can't thank me enough for this super, smart, fun, happy healthy puppy. He has brought so much joy & laughter in their home!!! They LOVE HIM!!!!

Chrissy & Jasper had puppies on 12/10/10
Maltese - Long hair Chihuahua cross puppies
1 female & 2 males

Black & white female
sold, See Chang, MN.
She is the smallest in the litter.


Dark Brown male 
"Charlie"  Sold

Oct. 28 2010
3 females
 Female # 1 Sold Bridgett T and family Illinois
This was their second Mar Brees Maltese,
  the bigger one on this picture is 5 years old.


Female # 3 sold Scott, MN.

Female # 2 sold Jim McMahon & family, MN.

Nov. 11th 2010
5 Maltese x Long hair Chihuahua cross puppies
2 females  / 3 males

R Shultz Deposit.

Female # 1 " Hershey"
sold Muriel, MN.


Male # 1
Sold Rylan, Jackie & Rob. MN.

Female # 2 " Carmel"

White Rose x Simon
5 males     9/24/10
This is an exceptional litter of puppies, All have short noses and strong black points. The puppies still have some tear staining from teething, but it is clearing up more each day, Should be very white by the time they are ready to go to their new homes.

Male "A" sold
Sold Crystal, MN

Male "B" sold


Male "C" sold

Male " D" sold
sold Tanya, MN.

Male "E" sold
Sold Cheryl, IA

Oct. 13th 2010 Date of birth
1 female & 1 male Ready for for new homes Dec. 22 nd. 2010

Male puppy " St Nick" sold Julia, MN. Will be smaller, 4-5 lbs. full grown

Female " Star" Sold JB MN.

Male sold Natalie MN.
Really a fun puppy, loves to be in the middle of things, this puppy is ready now.

Female Sold, Ann MN.
She is an absolute doll. She is pretty small and petite under all this hair. She will mature at 5-6 lbs.

Same puppy with her haircut.

Chrissy & Reno
3 males
Nov. 7th. 2009
Absolutely stunning puppies in this litter,

T Cup sized male, Absolutely darling face!
Very high quality puppy. Everything in one package here.
Very playful, fun, outgoing and loves to sit on your lap. He likes to be where you are.


Maltese x
Shorty x Jasper  May 1st. 2010
Female # 1 S sold Darcy W. MN.

Female # 2 S sold Leanne V,
Small little girl

Female # 3 S sold Lauren & family, MN.
1/2 Face

Female # 4 S Sold, Tessa, MN.

Male # 1 S sold Marge & Ray, Watertown SD.

Maltese x
Long haired Chihuahua

Cookie x Jasper May 8th 2010
Male # 2C  "Truman"
 sold Julie, Avery, Riley & Luis F.  MN.

Female #1 C For sale
Sold Kathy, ND.

Male # 1 C sold Dennis D, MN.

Male sold
Marilynn & Steve H. MN.

3 males & 1 female
Nov. 4th 2009

Female sold.

Male, sold Nick  MN.

Sugar x Miles
Feb. 5th 2010
2 F& 1 M

Female # 1 sold Ross & Family MN.

Female # 2 Tiny T-CUP   sold Cami & family MN.

sold  Alisha R. Morris, MN.

White Rose & Jasper whelped 3 puppies

Maltese x Long haired Chihuahua
Female  sold
she is a smaller puppy, she is marked like a little "Lassie" she is a chocolate/sable & white. Very happy , playful & outgoing should mature at 5-6 lbs..

Photo's  below taken 4/21/10

Male "Willy" sold
White & red very playful his color is like a golden Palomino color, should mature at 6lbs.

sold Jennifer, MN.

WOW!! what a doll here, he is a rich dark choc. & white.
 Short nose, legs and very cute! should mature at 6lbs.

Photo's  below taken 4/21/10


Whelped 10/25/09 
Will be ready to go to their new homes Jan. 10th 2010
2 boys / 2 girls

Female # 1
 Linda H. 
13 oz. at 7 weeks  She will be a tiny T cup.
 She is by far the smallest of the litter. You can see she has very short legs, short back, big round eyes. And a very sweet personality.

Female # 2
"Candy Cane"
Sold Barbra MN.

She is a tiny girl  too. 15 oz. at 7 weeks.
She has really nice straight silky hair, she will be super easy to keep groomed.
She's a playful sweet puppy, I expect her to weigh 4.5 -5 lbs. as an adult.

Male # 1 for sale sold
"Dixon"   Virgina MN.
Super fun little boy, has a gorgeous straight silky hair coat.
expected weight as an adult 6 lbs.

Male # 2 for sale sold
"Dancer" sold Meghan S. MN
He is a really alert puppy, notices everything. He seems to be a very smart puppy, not a shy bone in this little sweetie. Has beautiful straight silky hair, will be a dream to groom. He's alittle smaller then his brother, possible adult weight 5.5lbs.

Little Miss "Nissa Fiona"
 Born at Mar Brees. Kim Dotlich proud mama of this little darling.
Nissa will be featured in "Modern Dog" magazine in March.

Pictures  coming soon.

Reva & Oliver
3 males
Sept. 18th 2009 ready Dec. 4th

Male # 1 "Rocky" SOLD Jennifer S. MN.
Smallest in the litter, fun and playful, but more on the calmer side.
Should mature at 4 lbs.
 100% trained to the Tinkle Tray

Male # 2 "Richey" Sold Terri, MN.
He would be great for a family w/ kids.
Robust playful boy here, bursting with personality!!! He is full of himself and is on the go!! He bounces where ever he goes.
He should mature at about 6 lbs.

Male # 3 Sold. Samson Family, MN.

Roxie & Oliver
June 23th 2009


Female sold. Sally, MN.
This family bought Itty Bitty (Now named "Minnie Pearl") They are enjoying her so much they came back a few weeks later & bought Lili for their mother.
Estimated adult weight 4 lbs.
12 weeks weight 2.2 lbs

Male Sale pending Mike, MN.
Adult weight 4 lbs.
12 weeks 2.3 lbs

Male SOLD Jane L.
12 weeks 2.3 lbs

Jane with her new puppy, Her daughter was here in 2006 and got her little "Charlie" Jane flew in from Boston, Mass. she is a minister and is planning on taking the little guy with on ministry calls.
"Itty Bitty"
Tiny T- Cup female Sold Sally, MN.
What a doll here, she has dreamy eyes, sweet, playful but yet can hold her own... She will be a "Special" puppy.... She loves to give kisses This puppy is absolutely darling!!!
12 weeks 16 oz. Estimated adult weight 2 -2.5 lbs.

sold to Cindys mom & dad. MN.

Sassy had puppies 2/4/09
Male " Buddy"
sold Marcia, Canada

Sold, Tamara & Guillermo. MN.

Female puppy from Rachel & Jasper
Maltese x Long haired Chihuahua

T-Cup female born April 3rd. 2009

sold Kelley SD.
After buying her 1st. one her parents were so taken by her, She came back & bought one for them.

Marsha baby girl
sold, Vanessa MN.
She should mature at about 6 lbs. This little girl is as sweet as can be...She likes to watch TV, she will snuggle up on your chest & lay there for hours. Every once in awhile she'll turn and give you a great big lick!!!!!!  Her little tails is wagging all the time... SUPER PERSONALITY !!!!!!!

Jasper & Chrissy
Whelped 3/13/09

Black female only one left in this litter.
She is very sweet, fun, outgoing, and social !!!!
sold Jill, MN.

              Sable Female # 2 "Honey" sold

Black & White Male "Grins"         both sold        Black Female # 3 "Giggles"

Bailey male sold to Toni, MN.
Rachel son Nov. 08'

Born Oct. 6th 2008
Marsha x Gunner litter

"Poncho" Sold

Sassy had puppies 2/4/09

Female # 2 "Bunny" sold Kelly SD

Darla whelped

 Female # 2 "Carly" sold, Angie & Matt MN.
1 lb. 4 oz.

Female # 3 "Demi" sold Southard family. WI.
1 lb. 10 oz.

Male " Duke" Sold Carol Rudolf, MN.
1 lb. 9 oz.

Pearl & Jasper
Maltese x Chihuahua  12/22/08
"Baby Charlie"
sold Mike
Red sable male full white collar.
This puppy comes with all the bells & whistles!
Cute, Color, Personality, Robust, Healthy, And most of all HAPPY!!!
This is the happiest  puppy I have ever met.
 His little tail was wagging since the day her was born. He has an Up beat personality!

And he is really smart!

"Baby Chuckles" Sold Rachel, MN.
Snow White Male

Very sweet & calm just like his mama...

New litters born in November
 6 puppies  boys & girls.
Ready in Feb. 2009
2 Females & 4 Males
1 female sold to Karen Mandt, MN

Male  Sold. Betty WI.
"Chicken Little"
This is the smallest of the litter, His siblings are always rough housing and playing,
 and it's just not his cup of tea!! He likes to sit on your lap & snuggle with people.
 He has really short legs & big black eyes. Super quiet puppy.


Female # 2 for sale
sold John MN.
Very outgoing, super fun puppy.....

Male # 2 Sold Jenna WI.

Male # 1 Sold Amanda & Aaron, MN.
This puppy has blue eyes.

Reba Male puppy Born Aug. 30th 2008

            Teacup male Maltese available Mid Nov. 1lb. 3 oz. at 9 weeks.
Super tiny & cute!!!!
Sold, Lanita, MN.

Born Oct. 6th 2008
Marsha x Gunner litter
Litter of 4 / 1 female  3 males ready for Christmas. 2008
VERY tiny litter. 1 Male & 1 Female  VERY TINY TEA CUPS

Male # 3
Sold.   Reed Family, MN.
T- Cup 18 oz. @ 8 weeks estimated adult weight 3 - 3.5 lbs.

Female T-Cup 20 oz. @ 8 wks. Estimated adult weight 3.5 - 4 lbs.
Sold Brian & Family MN.

Sassy x Miles 2 boys & 1 girl
June 17th  2008
2 males sold /// 1female sold
Jelly & Noodles
2 males sold to Kim & Jim. MN
Female "Joy" sold to Diane

Jelly Belly & Noodles sold to Jim & Kim, MN.  Female "Joy" sold to Diane. Iraq

"Honey Buns"
2 yr. old spayed female
Sold living with Vivian a 74 yr. old widow, they have bonded & are great friends!

Cassidy & Jasper
These  puppies are 1/2 Maltese & 1/2 Long haired Chihuahua
Born Labor Day Aug. 31 2008
3 Females & 1 male All for sale.

"Tiffany" sold Katie & Sue, MN. /// Dolly & Spunky sold Joyce, PA.

Dafne litter
Born July 18 2008
2 girls & 1 boy

Patty Mn.                             Male sold to Judy & Rich, MN
Very pretty little girl "Sophie"                       Nice little boy "Cody"                     

Marsha x Oliver whelped
March 7th 2008
All sold

" Dickens"

Cassidy X Oliver
Whelped 1-31-08
3 females & 1 male.

Camiel - teacup size
( Camiel sold Vicki K. MN.)

Male very nice  puppy. Has had all 4 vaccines, current on worming.
Sold Ari, MN.

Real sweet female nice round head, big dark eyes and a sweet personality.
 Should mature @ 6lbs. Sold Penny & Dale MN.

Pearl x Oliver puppies
12-2-07   1 female & 1 male

Female "Petunia" sold Joe Jordan Canada.

Pearl x Oliver puppies
  Male pup sold Sue Becker, MN.
( 2nd. puppy from your right is Pal.
 born 2/2/08 male puppy from Pearl & Oliver)

Roxie visiting a local Nursing Home. She is a perfect dog to visit the elder,
sits calm & loves all the attention
. Roxie is a "Homegrown" Mar Brees dog she is 3 yrs. old now & has been doing this since she was 7 months old. She is a "special" dog around here.... Don't know what we'd do without her, Pearl will go with next time so Roxie doesn't have to get shared so much. These ole gals were just about timing each other to see who got to hold her next. She made her rounds with lots of kisses & tail wagging. The Happy Birthday picture is with me & an old friend "Catherine" she was a neighbor lady who was a babysitter to my children when they  were young. Catherine was widowed at the age of 33 with 12 kids & a dairy farm to run. And she did it... That says a lot about the kind & dear person she is. She has a special place in our families heart.

This is "Margaret"
 She didn't let Roxie out of her site the whole day. Roxie met a new friend on this day.

Tucker 3lbs.
Tucker in a little girly dress. We bought this for his friend "Belle" who's coming for the weekend.
We tried it on him & he didn't care!!! Being a girl for the day was fine with him.

Sugar x Goldmine puppies
12-26-07  1 female & 1 male
Female sold Nancy & Darrel MN.

"Trouble" female
Nancy has called 2-3 times. Says "They don't know how they lived without her!"
They lost their Maltese of old age a year and a half ago. They had such a heart ache after that, they didn't know if they could do it again. After meeting this little girl it was love at 1st. site. They are so happy they opened their hearts to another little puppy.

Sugar x Goldmine puppies
12-26-07   1 male
 sold  Lori, MN.


Roxie x Oliver Babies
( sold Kristin, MN)
"Stetson" and "Ryder"

Excellent quality puppy. Small, spunky, healthy, doll face
 and ***** Personality!!

Pictured with new Auntie Wendy & Mama Kristin.

Lily & Daisy
Both Mar Brees Maltese, sold to Stacey
 Lily was a Mar Brees retired breeding female, I can't tell the two apart no more. I get updated pictures from Stacey often. Looks like these 2 girls are lucky little buggers!!
( Notice the short legs, round face's, white coats and Big Black eyes!)

My husband Brian with Tucker & Pearl.
This is an every night picture when Brian's home.

Rachel Babies 8/15/07

Male # 4 sold Dave & Family, MN          Female sold Greg & family, MN

Male # 1 "Rocky" Linn & Family. WI.          Male # 2   Sarah & Family, MN    

Dessa x Gunner
Whelped 2 boys 8/18/07

male # 1 "Cuddles" sold to Erin & Jeff, MN.

Male # 2 " Teddy"  Sold

Cassidy has 3 females,

Sold Kim, MN

Female sold Dianne , Jim and family MN.

Mar Brees Chrissy. Staying here.

Sugar x Miles
Whelped 3 girls 5/27/07

Female # 1 "Whitey" ( sold Anne, MN.)

Both females Purple & Red sold to same family,
 (sold Merle & Sherry, MN)

Darla x Reno

2 girls / 1 boy

"Sunshine" Female # 2
Sold to Sandy Greenberg, MN.

 male sold to Paula Hughe

"Nettie" Female # 1 ( Sold) This pricless little girl went to live with Tracy & her family,  Her 2nd. Mar Brees puppy.

Dessa x Oliver whelped 1/20/07
3 males / 1 female

Female sold Diane, MN.

#3 Dillon male sold Ada, Tim  & Family, MN.

Male puppy sold to Dr. Denise & Friend, MN. Her 2nd. Mar Brees Puppy.

"Dually" sold to Dorrline F

Cassidy X Reno
Whelped A really nice quality litter.11/4/06
"Daisy" sold to Connie, Nicole & family. MN.

"Emmy" sold to Susan, MN.

"Oliver" sold to Katie

Roxie x Oliver
Oct. 28th 2006  D.O.B

Rolex & Tucker - Nephew & Uncle
Rolex 15 weeks: 2 lbs 10 oz.   Tucker 16 months : 3 lbs

Mona X Smokey 
Oct. 23rd. 2006 D. O .B

"Mikey" Male (sold Deb & family, MN.)


"Lily" Sold Stacey & Joel S,
2 year old spayed female

Thank you Stacey for the updated photo's
Lily & Daisy both purchased at Mar Brees.

Marsha x Reno

Female # 2 sold. Sue Sander Family, MN
(This is the 4th puppy the Sander family has gotten from Mar Brees)

Female # 1 "Molly" sold  Johnson Family, MN

"Howard" sold Deb & Matt MN.
Max is a very sturdy puppy & would make an excellent family pet,
 would do well in homes with small children
Dessa X Smokey
 Date of birth June 14th 2006

"Happy" Renamed "Sasha"
Sold Karen & Paul Spence,
Updated pictures of Honey 8/19/06

"Honey" Sold Lori Simmon
Female slightly smaller then her sister

sold Quest Family, MN. Pictured with Shane & Brandon.

    Sold Frank & Karen, MN,     "Spencer"
 I would expect him to be about 6 lbs.

Dessa puppies playing on this beautiful 75* Sunday afternoon. Playing with Min Pin puppies..
They were tuckered out after all the fresh air and hard playing, many of these puppies still for sale.

Family reunion 7/23/06

Roxie, Pearl & cousin's Anna ( yorkie) Libby ( Peke x maltese) and Daisy
All enjoying the lake, taking some time out in the x pen.

Lisa with Pearl & Roxie. The girls had a great time. Lots of hugs & Kisses from all the relatives.

Bellex Smokey
"Oliver sold to Laura & Dave, Willmar, MN
Other puppy went to Sonya Watson,
One staying here.

"Mar Brees Dukes Of Daisy"
Stacey &
Joel of NY are sharing photo's of their Mar Brees's Puppy. 1yr. 4 months on this picture. What a Dolly here!!!!! It looks like she has a wonderful home & lots of love.

"Mar Brees Tug Boat Tucker"
( Not For sale)
"Tucker's Big adventure"
This was Tucker's 1st big outing... he is 6 months old in these pictures.
Tucker was quite amazed by my niece's 6 month old baby  girl "Morgan" Hummm They are the same age..

"Morgan" sad to see her buddy getting ready to go home... LOLO

Tucker with his cousin "Anna" a 3.5 - 4 lb. yorkie ( these picture's really let you see how small the little squirt is..)
He was really taken by my step father Wally, he even shakes hands?? Paws??...

Pictured with Great Grandma & Auntie Lilly..... and little baby "Keyriah"

Flasie Whelped 12/28/05 ( Sired by Champ)
3 Bouncy Boys
 2T-Cup 15oz. 2/4/06     // 1 standard
1 t-cup sold to Pam,
1 t-cup sold to Sandra, 
 1 sold to Evelyn, MN

Dessa & Smokey babies
11/1/05      2 males & 2 females

Female # 2  "Cosette" sold to Karen & Paul S.     Female # 1  "Kaylee" ( sold, Leary family MN)

Male # 1 "Casper"( sold, Rodney & Jen, MN.)            Male # 2  "Carter" Sold Marla V. Ca.

Female " Mary Kate" sold Vicki K, MN.             Male # 1 "Marty" (T-Cup) Sold Gina,

Oliver & His friend Fletcher
( Oliver is the one sitting up, He's the Mar Brees Puppy)

Mariah leaving with her new family, Ann & Charlie, MN.
 Picture taken with her 4 month old son "Tucker" Best wishes to the new family,
 Mariah is a lucky girl to have such a caring new family.


Katie & Sassy
Sassy was purchased by the "Make A Wish" Foundation in WI. This puppy was given to 5 year old Katie.

"Paris" & "Cupcake" ( owned by Dr. Paul & Karen Spence)
All 4 of these girls were bought by the same family, Paul & Karen.
Paris, Cupcake & Cosette are all blood sister's. They are all daughters of Dessa & Smokey. Lula is from a different mating.

3rd addition "Lula"  and baby girl # 4 "Cosette"

Karen & 2 of her girls, attending "Bows & Whine" fundraiser in Calif.

Leary girls with their new puppy.

Keshia & Koda both raised here at Mar Brees, sold to Sue Sander & family.

 Standard  male likes people & quiet natured (Sold Cindy, MN.)

"St. Nick"  sold, Roseann, MN

 D.O.B May 16th 2005 
 this puppy has excellent black points, thick coat
 and is calm & gentle.

Mona x Smokey 7/2/05

SOLD, Bess Swenson, MN.

Sasha & Sadi 
 ( the smallest on the right is a Mar bree's puppy)
New mom tells me @ 9 months she's a whopping 3 lbs. and a very special girl who's brought alot of joy in their lives & home.

"Minnie" she's got a home with Dave & Sally Davis.

Belle x Smokey 9-10-05  ( 2 males)

Male 1 sold to Don Wiggins,    male # 2 sold to Scott & Family MN.

"Noel" Sold Karl, MN.
Mona & Smokey male D.O.B July 2nd. 2005


female " SPICEY" T-cup female "Baby doll face" D.O.B  5/1/05 (sold Connie, NE.)
Daughter of Champ x Marsha ( 8/02/05) weight 1lb. 14oz.
Don't over look this puppy, She's in the top 5 pups all year that I've raised with this quality & size, the shortest nose you'll find, outgoing & loving personality! Her puppy cut has grown out a lot. She's quite an amazing puppy!

Spicey with her new mom Connie. 2lbs, 8 oz. at 6months


Female ( SOLD Joel & Stacy, )

D.O.B May  2005
3 males all are very cute! have real thick full coats, big round eyes, heavy black points.
 should mature @ 5-6 lbs.

Male # 1 standard size "Buddy"( sold  Kathy Brown ,MN.) pictured with her granddaughter Nora

SOLD!!  Jeane, MN.
 " Skyler"
6/27/05 Rachel x Reno ( should mature about 5lbs.)
Jeane just moved to MN from Calif. she got her "Sammy" there before she left, she came & picked out a buddy for him. Jeane will have a nice set of Maltese's here!

May 7th 2005
Male # 2
small standard "Wildman"( very outgoing!! spunky) sold, Donna, MN.

May 11th 2005 D.O.B
Female  standard
Sold to Stephanie, Joey, Tim, Lilly & Maria Hanson, MN.
Their new puppy "Lola" What a great looking family, Lola will have a wonderful home with this family!

Flasie x Champ  D.O.B May 16th 2005  ( Champ 3.8 lbs)
 puppy has excellent black points, thick coats
 out of an outstanding male! SOLD Marlene, MN


Andy 2lb.10 oz. on 8/3/05 T - CUP !!! D.O.B 2/05 (SOLD)
 6 months old. He's a very social puppy!


Flasie x Champ female "Tinker Bell" sold to McKenzie S, MN.
This was McKenzie's birthday present. Pictured with Marj

May 11th 2005 D.O.B
Female # 2 standard Female Sold, Margaret, MN


Female # 4  D.O.B 6/25/05 T-cup female
Weight @ 8 weeks 1lb. 5oz.           (Rachel x Reno)
Kay & Bill will be the new owners of this lovely little lady!
Bill picked her up in style with his Convertible Mercedes!!!
 Kay will be pleasantly surprised with this sweet puppy!!!

his is Pearl - She loves to snuggle with my husband Brian when he dozes during the evening news. She'll sleep this way for hours & Brian is such a hard sleeper he doesn't have a clue....

Marsha Tiny T cup female sold.
Carlos Silva, Starting Pitcher for Minnesota Twins!
Pictured her in her everyday cloths, this sweet little girl, will be a "Big Twins Fan! and be attending many baseball games!

Here are pictures of this litter girl getting delivered to Carlos Silva at the Metro Dome,
He bought her for his mom.
Rodney McCormick MN Twins employee helped line the whole thing up. Right down to the delivery!
They rolled out the red carpet & gave us a wonderful tour made us feel really welcomed.. The kids got 4 autographs total including many from "Carlos Silva" We got base balls signed, Baseball caps and pictures. Carlos is pictured on cover of the Aug./Sept. "Twins Magazine" We even got some of those signed. It really was a treat to meet Carlos & Rodney!! It was a day we all will remember.. Even Grandma, She's a HUGE Twins Fan!!!!!

Marj & Breanna  Pictured with Carlos Silva and a "Mar Brees Puppy"

The Gang! Ross, Grandma Shirley, Brandon, Shane, Marj & Breanna

Ross, Breanna, Marj Brandon, Grandma Shirley, Shane & TJ the mascot!!!

Pictured here in the "Wife's" Room @ the Metro Dome!!!

Proud children of Dr. Paul & Karen Spence,
Paris & Cupcake ( as puppies above) and young ladies below.
 They are daughters of Dessa & Smokey from 2 different litters.
The one in the pink photo is Lula, the 3rd. girl they got & now have just ordered a 4th. They say this will complete their family? We'll see......

Annabelle sold// Going to Beth Kampka & Family, MN.
Annabelle weighed in @ 2 lbs. 6 oz. today & had a Great Vet Exam!!!!!

Marsha & Puppies born 5/1/05 sired by "Champ"
#1  sold to Nicole Dinkel, MT.
# 2  staying @ Mar Brees

Mariah & Reno ( both 4-5 lbs.)
1 male  May 3, 2005 sold to Denise, Theif River, MN.

"Mar Brees Roxy's Smokin"
( Daughter of Rachel x Smokey)
( Not for sale)

Roxy's proving to be quite the therapy dog!!
She's just 6 months old & had her 1st. visit at the local Nursing Home.
She was a big hit & is planning a weekly trip to go share some hugs & snuggles with the residents.
She has the softest personality you ever seen, feels like a rag doll when you hold her and sits as long as you want her to.

"Tiny Tim" T-Cup Male (sold) he will staying in the family
This puppy is 1 lb.  3 oz. at 4 months
 (Mature weight 3lbs.)

"Tinker" T Cup Female  3.5 years old
SOLD, Debbie Smart,

Tinker is 3.5 - 4 lbs. spayed & is up for adoption,  she has a baby doll face & an extremely cute personality. Just as cute as can be!

  "Mario" Male Born 2/23/05  sold Nancy Becky,
He's a real charmer!! Ready to give his "New mom" some kisses!!!

"Jasmine" 2/3/05 Female ( sold, Deb, MN.)
Jasmine has a soft eye, she's really white has had all 3 puppy shots & is current on worming.
She has a big personality! Full of spunk & Sass. Jasmine with her new family.

Dr. Paul & Karen Spence.( 3rd. Mar Brees baby!)

Female "Lula " D.O.B  2/27/05
 Fun loving puppy!! Likes everybody and is real white!
She's already had her 1st. puppy cut.

 "Minnie"  ( same puppy)   
    Born 2/23/05    Real sweet & a social little girl!!
Gracie is going to Alaska...David & Sally Davis are excited to add her to their family after the love & joy they shared with Liza for 16.5 years. Gracie is one LUCKY puppy!!! Her new family has put a lot of thought & love into looking for "the right little girl" Gracie will steal their hearts the minute they look into her little crate at the airport!

Annabelle T-Cup female / Sold she will be staying in MN.

 Annabelle 14 oz. at 12 weeks Female
She is 3 plus inches tall & 4.5 in. long, she is one of the smallest Maltese puppies I've ever had.
( spunky, cheerful & healthy!  Will release at 1.5 lbs.)
 Annabelle enjoying some fun in the sun, with her 2 friends.

Female "Pansy" D.O.B  2/3/05
Has a very elegant look to her. ( Pansy is in the back seat.)
 Silvia & Diana came to pick their puppy up in a "Rocking" car!!
They brought her new friend "Tek" with to meet her. Silvia moved her from Spain 6 yrs. ago & hadn't been in rural MN. much, she wasn't sure if she liked the 135 mile drive..
We had 50 mph winds this day.. with a car like that can yeh  blame her??

Mary & Karl, MN       Bonnie& family got her for Christina's 15th B day.Edina, MN

T cups All females 2/24/05

T Cup Female # 1   1lb. 12oz. Tina
( sold Shelly Farley WI. )


T Cup Female # 2   1lb. 11oz. Lucy
Maggie came to pick up her "Lucy" and she was living up to her name. The silly puppy was giving her new mom all kinds of kisses,
one captured on this picture. Her sister Kate had a love for the Min Pin breed so after meeting a few puppies, she decided to take "Oliver"
a black & rust male home too.

(Sold Maggie Lindberg, MN.)

T Cup Female # 3  1lb. 4 oz  "Sadie"

Sold Lynda, )
Lynda, her daughter & her mother made the drive from IN. to pick Sadie up,
They also brought "Sashah" their 9 month old other Maltese.


2/21/25 D.O.B

Female # 1 Gina & Loren Kelker   sold Female

Female # 2 sold Tracy,

Female # 3 "Keisha" sold Sanders Family, MN. 1lb. 13 oz.

April 8 th 2005 Male
Sander girls picked out a young male puppy while they were here too. This lucky little guy will be going to their home in about 5 weeks.


Jan. 15th 2005
Belle 6.5 lbs.  x Reno 4.5 lbs.
SOLD June, MN., Cuddly, smart and playful!

2lbs. 5 oz. @ 12 weeks

Same puppy

**SOLD Julie, MN. **12-7-04 D.O.B
Son of Rachel & Smokey
Real outstanding puppy,

"Sugar Babies"
Sugar x Smokey
D.O.B   Jan. 4th 2005 ( 2 beautiful girls & 1 bouncy boy)

Female # 1 Sugar baby -  Sold to Anna, MN.

Female  # 2 ( Sugar baby ) Sold Brad Mott, MN.

Male ( Sugar Baby) sold April Benson,

Belle x Reno
D.O.B Jan 15th 2005

Female( sold Sharon Palmer, MN) 
 This little girl was  a delight to her new family, showered with hugs & kisses!!

Male sold to Debbie & family, MN.

D.O.B 12/7/04 ( for sale)
Rachel x Smokey

Pictures at 9 weeks
3 of the boys from Rachel's litter, This is a very friendly bunch of puppies.. and outstanding quality too!!!!!!!!! Rachel has produced many of my teacups.

Male # 1 ( Teacup) sold Cheryl,

Male # 2 (Teacup) sold Cheryl,

Male # 3 ( he will mature  between a teacup & a tiny)

Female ( sold)

Mona x Smokey Male sold to Rob, NB.// Female sold to Mike & Susan, MN.

Susan , Mike & Erika with their new puppy.
I meet them 1/2 way on a 12* evening. Erika enjoying her new puppy "Willow" after getting home.

Dessa x Smokey 10-28-04
Female sold , Karen & Dr Paul Spence,

Male sold, Nicole



Male (sold, Debbie & Jerry, MN.). Extreme quality!!!
Short nose, Thick coat, Big black eyes!!!

Pearl watching TV with Breanna, Pearl will be bred in spring of 2005
Pearl is a Mar Brees female.


Female # 1 SOLD Mary & Anne MN. sept.04
Playful, funloving & cuddley

Female # 2 Sold Jeff & Shawn, MN. sept. 04
Big personality!! mellow & sweet
Big cuddler here!!!

Teacup female sold. Chuck & Suzette,

6 month old Male # 2 (SOLD) Kathy & John, MN
More on the quiet side, a real lap dog here.

Female # 4 SOLD ( Carolyn, )
Non tear staining, mellow & cuddley!

( Same puppy)

Female # 5 SOLD ( Terry & Konnie, MN.)

(Both sisters 4 & 5)

Male sold!!! Daniella,


Sold "Gizmo" male Kim, MN.

 ( Tinker x Champ) Both parents are 3 lbs.

Whelped 1 male 10 - 17 - 04

Tinker pictured above

Spinner whelped 8-21-04 x Smokey
2 females, both have strong heavy black points.

Female sold
Suila & Jennifer, MN.

Small & petite ( Spinner x Smokey)

Female sold!! Staying in MN.
Maureen & her daugher  and grand daughter..

June 2 / 04 male "Dickens"
( Rachel x Champ)
1lb. 7oz. @ 12 weeks SOLD Faye & Byron, MN.

D.O.B May 17th 02 ( Flasie x Smokey)

Teacup female very cute & sweet!!!!!SOLD Dione Black, Flasie x Smokey

D.O.B 6-3-04   

"Princess Jazzy"
Rachel x Champ
Female sold,  Greenberg family, MN.
She's extra calm & cuddley!!


Mona whelped 4-12-04 "Teacups" ( sired by Champ 3 lb. male)
3 females & 1 male pups weighted 3 oz. at birth ( 1lb. at 4 weeks)
Mona adopted 1 red female min pin.
(All puppies in this litter are sold!!!)

Female"Nemo" sold to Matt & Julie MN. picture taken at their visit.
Nemo at her 1st BBQ party.( mona x Champ)


Sandi & Jeff Madsen, MN with "Gracie" ( her new stylin harness!!)
Mona x Champ
 3-16-04 New litter whelped..
( Dessa x Smokey)
 Dessa whelped 3 beauitful females & 1 male( all 4 sold)

 1 female sold, Patrick Wenner Cold Spring MN.
1 female sold to Teresa & Vance Brown,
1 female sold to Karen & Robert Spence,
Pictures taken 5-10-04 all weighing about 2 lbs.
Some real palyful pups!!! as you can see, heavy black points & thick coats.

This is "Paris" Owned by Karen & Paul Spence.
pictured @ 4 1/2 months old.

Below "Mercedes" owned by Patrick Wenner ( sister to Paris)


Females 1 ** 2** & **3 ( all sold)

Male ( sold) Same puppy in both pictures.
sold to Cee,

Terry Brown, her daughter & niece drove from MI. to pick up their bundle of joy.
Female from Dessa litter

Joyce N. and granddaughter got their little "Lilly" a female puppy that will be loved & spoiled!! spending her summers in northern MN. and cold winters in sunny Az.

"Archie" met his new mom & dad Karen from Grand Rapids, MN. he will be pampered & loved by his new family.. he's one smart puppy!!! Fetches & listens real well.
"Special Puppy"
D.O.B . 9 - 03

SASSY !!!! (quilt square taken off Katies"smile quilt")
This little girl is going to a "VERY  SPECIAL LITTLE GIRL"
She was selected by "Make A Wish Foundation"
to be given to Katie Rose a  5 yr. old little girl
that has "wished" for a female Maltese puppy.
I have been amazed that this puppy has not sold yet, I guess someone had bigger plans for this puppy than I had ever imagined. I am so pleased that my puppy & myself get to be part of this "Wish Come True!!" We will be starting puppy class tomorrow!!! She has a lot to do to get ready for her "New Little Mommy!!"

Sassy in the arms of her new "mommy" Katie Rose. Katie is a 5yr. old little girl who wished for a female Maltese .
Her wish came true on Dec. 19th 2003

Shortly after Katie got Sassy  12-03

Male  born 1-04
SOLD!! (Lynch family,  MN.)
Well this is a first, My phone rang at 1:15am on the other end was a saddened father who just came home from the vet after loosing their Maltese family pet. He was determined to have a puppy there in the morning when his children woke up. They will be sad about the loss of their pet, but it will help to have a bouncy, playful puppy in the house. He arrived at 4:30 am to find a bouncy, playful puppy awaiting him.... Blue bow in his hair and all... What a dad!!!!
 I think his kids are lucky to have a father like him!!!

3 1/2 months old. and weighs 3 lbs.
He is the son "Smokey &  Spinner"
He has a baby doll face, excellent hair coat, and very correct. He is very playful, plays well with other dogs.. and loves people, he's very social & spunky!!


SOLD!!     "Rocky!!"
This puppy is extra friendly... and VERY social !!!!!

Joe Adam, Burnsville, MN. surprised his lovely wife with this little guy for her Birthday !!

1-2-04 Male Maltese # 2
( Spinner x Smokey)

1-11-04  Female sold (Tinker x Champ)

Sold to Brenda K from Chicago, Ill. Daisy weighs in at 1 lb. 11 oz. at 10 weeks.
Who says the Easter bunny only brings bunnies??? He brings puppies to Mar Bree's...
Brenda's puppy will be ready for delivery right around Easter..
Daisy is a compact bundle of joy!! she's very outgoing & loves everybody..

D.O.B 11-19-03
1 Micro Mini Female  ( 11 wks)
She is absolutely "Precious!!!"

SOLD!!   The new proud parents ~ Brian & Kayla Kossi ,

Photo Taken @ 12 weeks.


D.O.B 1-2-04

( Spinner x Smokey)

This litter just started eating puppy food they still play in it, lay in their bowls & put their whole face in it. They will be easier to keep clean in a few more weeks..

Female Sold!!  "MINDY"( Spinner x Smokey)

Male SOLD!! "Gizmoe" ( The smallest male.Rachel)
Marlene Moe, 

Sold Male!! "Zueis" ( Rachel)
Matt &Tanya Nelson, Minneapolis Mn.

Female SOLD!!! " Lily" Dee Trowbridge. Mn.(Rachel)
Look forward to posting the "puppy shower"  pictures in Mar. A guest list of 30 puppy lovers??? Hummm should be one spoiled little girl!!

barbed3.gif (1448 bytes)

Female SOLD!!
Jean, Mn. is the proud new mom to this lovely lady!!


barbed3.gif (1448 bytes)

"Tyler" will be going to a lovely home
Christine sounds like the perfect new "mom" for him.

 He will be ready after Jan. 1st. He is 12 weeks old & weights 1 lb. 8 oz. ( He's a "tea cup") Very out going personality!! Bounces around like a little deer. His tail never stops waggling!! If you like LICKS, LOVE & LOYALTY he's the pup for you !!! D.O.B  9 - 03

barbed3.gif (1448 bytes)

Female puppy sold to Wendy Davis. Congratulations on your beautiful pup!!!

Same puppy Photo's @ 6 weeks & 13 weeks.
"Good Girl Gabby" Is going to a lovely family, Her new moms calls often to see how she is? She's been the "Secret Christmas Present" for their children since JUNE!!!!!!!! Wendy was thinking ahead..
barbed3.gif (1448 bytes)
SOLD Brandi, Montana. Male D. O .B 7-27-03( Dessa litter)
Pictures @ 8 weeks. 9-26-03

Yes!! It's real he's not a stuffed toy... And already doing tricks!!
Congratulations  DeAnne, Walker MN.  Full brother to one above.

barbed3.gif (1448 bytes)

All Puppies below are sold.( Spinner litter)
Pictures left on for your enjoyment
Date of birth... 6-2-03

Jody ~ Dixie ~ Gucci ~ Daisy playing "chase the ball" ( all sold)

Daisy Mae sold to Tiff & Lorie Veissman MN. As you can see she has it pretty tough!!! She was picked out @ 3 days old. and visited weekly till she could go home.. Daisy fits well in their purse & goes everywhere with them.. she will be truly loved.. ( sister to Dixie)

SOLD!!. Congrats Jody Castel, Cali.

Male puppy 1st. photo @ 5 weeks second photo @ 11 weeks.
Extremely nice puppy.. Has a very nice white coat, he's a naturally clean puppy. Loves people and should mature around 5-6 lbs. Has had all 3 puppy shots & current on  worming.
Ready for his new family after Aug. 28th 2003

     Female "Dixie" ( sold)
                   Melinda, Washington State 

 mom Melinda writes. Dixie is doing wonderful and she's an absolute joy! We just got back from the mall. She likes her bows now & where's one everyday!
 ( pictured @ 13 weeks) Notice the sparkle in her eyes... I think she's a happy puppy!!!
A resent note from Melinda. Dixie now weighing in @ 1lb. 14oz. is so precious, She is our baby and greets everyone she meets with kisses & a wagging tail, My 3 yr. old son even calls her "his baby"








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