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Queens Kings Kittens for Sale Past Kittens

Past Kittens

Bailey & Picasso
Oct. 2011 had 4 kitten 3 boys & 1 girl.
 3 Brown Marbles & 1 brown spotted.

Male Marble # 1 sold

Male #2
sold Marti, MN.

sold Roger, MN.

Male #4
Sold Jodie, MN.


Reagan & Picasso
5 kittens. 3 males  / 2 females
Sept. 23rd. 2011

* Kittens will be ready the first week of Dec.*
 I will hold them until closer to Christmas if needed
All the kittens in this litter are sold.

Marble Male # 1
sold Brett, MN.

Brown spotted Male
sold Michelle, MN.

Snow Marble Male # 2
 sold  Mike Kimpsen, IA.

Snow spotted female
sold John & Janet C. MN.

Brown Marble female
Sold Jodie, MN.

Random pictures below of this litter.

Bailey X Picasso
May 29th 2011

5 kittens and she's raising 1 orphan Min Pin puppy.
3 Spotted / 2 Marbles.

Baileys litter below (pictures taken 6/30/11)
Female #1  staying here

Male # 1
Sold, Josh & Jody, MN.

Female # 2
sold Christina N. MN.

Prada x Picasso
 born July 1st. 2011

6 Male kittens, Snows, Minks, Marbles, Spots & Sepia.

 Male #1 -  For sale

Male # 2 Marble sold

Male # 3 Marble sold

Male # 4
Sold Dan & Melissa ND.

Male # 5 Sold Cassie, Calif.

Male # 6 Marble sold

Reagan x Picasso
6 Kittens

This is an exceptional litter of kittens.

2 Snow Mink spotted females / 2 spotted snow Mink males
2 brown spotted 
Pictures Taken 6/15/11
Female # 1 Snow Mink staying here.
Super nice kitten!! Ocean blue eyes, small rounded ears,
tight short pelt and drop dead markings!


Female # 2 Snow Mink sold
Very sweet kitten, beautiful baby blue eyes,
clear white coat with very nice chocolate markings!

Male # 1 Snow Mink
Sold Tina Hughes


Male # 2 Brown Spotted
Sold Allix, MN.
Nice big kitten, buttermilk colored base coat with dark brown spots and some rosette's 
Beautiful contrast. Strong chin ,large bone and soft tight pelt.

Male # 3 Snow Mink  sold Kaylee L. MN.
Ocean blue eyes, gorgeous taupe markings and a very tight thick pelt with spots & rosettes!

Male # 4 Brown spotted
sold Melissa, ND.
This is a drop dead gorgeous kitten almost no rib barring , strong chin beautiful color, contrast and rosettes lots of acreage and super tame!
Show / Stud prospect!

Dior x Jax
  5 spotted kittens 3 / 17 / 11
3 males / 2 females.

 Male #1 Sold Cliff, Diane, Jonathon & Katherine, MN.

Male # 2 Sold Annie, MN.

Male # 3 Sold Jerry, MN.

Female # 1 sold
"Dee Dee"

Female # 2 Sold Maria & Phillip, MN.


Avona & Picasso
7 kittens 3/2/11

4 males & 3 females
5 available

Male # 1 Brown Marble
Sold Hunter W. MN

Male # 2
sold "Smoke" MN.


Male # 3 Snow spotted Lynx
" Arrow"
This kitten is so tame!! He just wants to crawl to you & sit on your lap or cuddle!!!
SOLD Tim & Michelle MN.
Thank you for the updated pictures Tim & Michelle

Male # 4 Snow Lynx (  Marble)
SOLD Kaylee ND.

Male # 2 Brown Marble Sold, MN

Female # 1 Brown Marble sold Levi, MN.

Female # 2 Brown Marble
Sold - Megan, MN.

Diva & Laddie had 2 kittens 3/4/11
Both big scrapping boys!

Male # 1 Brown spotted
sold Kalee
"Big Boy"
This kitty is going to be huge!!! Super sweet personality!!! If you like big cats... This is the guy for you.

Male # 2 Brown spotted
 Staying here.( Future King)

New pictures 4/19/11 Below

Prada & Picasso
1 kitty Snow Female Born Feb. 20th  2011

sold.   Lynda G. MN.
Second Krug Cat Kitten!!!

This little girl is an only kitty, she is large with a very tight pelt, She is a lover and bumps you with her head when you reach to pet her. Seems to have an EXCELLENT personality!!
( All the pictures below are the same kitty)

6 1/2 weeks old.

4 weeks below

Prada x Picasso
Sept. 5th 2010
4 kittens

Female # P2 sold Kimberly, ND.
Real small rounded ears, short tight pelt, big round eyes,
puffy whisker pads and sweet as can be. Nice whiten chin & tummy.

Female #P3 sold
Heather Serlick
Big beefy kitty with beautiful markings. Has had open rosettes since birth.
Beautiful contrast with a clear back ground color..
Very cool brown tones. Lots of expression in her face.

Male # P1 Sold, Craig & family, MN.
He was the smallest in the litter, but is catching up very quickly. Nice cool tones of browns. Pretty laid back.

Female # P1 sold Angie, WI.
Very tight pelt, nice warm tones with opening rosettes at a young age, tiny ears and a very sweet personality!

Reagan & Picasso
Oct. 6th. 2010
4 males & 2 females
Female # 1R  $600.00 sold Lynda, MN.
Little girl, Very sweet & docile has nice pumpkin orange tones.

Female snow # R2  Sold Danielle & Scott, MN.
Big round eyes, fat puffy whisker pads. Mocha colored markings,
 short thick tail. Appears to be more then willing to anything you want to do to her.

Male # R2 sold Donna, MN.
Docile, friendly, spotted up like a little leopard cub!

Male # R3 sold
Small male big round eyes, soft tight pelt.

Male # R4 Marble Sold Scott & Danielle, MN
This couple bought his sister before Christmas, They are enjoying her so much they came back a couple weeks later and bought her brother. ( Thank you for your Business Scott & Danielle)

This is the most unique marked kitten I think that I have ever raised, So excited to watch this kitten grow. Very cool pattern, this kitten is going to be an exquisite cat! He has one of the neatest patterns I've seen on a Bengal.

Male # 1 R spotted male sold Kayla, MN.
Cool tones of brown gorgeous contrast, should be a big boy.
Healthy, Happy and Robust!
Now that he's the only one left, I am tripping over him. He wants to lay on my lap & pounce at my feet all the time.

 Exceptional Personality on this kitty!!!!!

Bailey xPicasso
August 5th. 2010
3 kittens.

Male # B1 sold Alec N. MN.

The Olson family come to look and possibly buy 1, well after holding the kittens, meeting the parents and visiting they decided it would be twice as fun  to have 2!
( Thank you, for your appreciation of these beautiful cats!)

Male # B2 
sold Lynn , Michelle & Alex, MN.

Female # B1
sold Lynn , Michelle & Alex, MN.

Avona & Jax July 2010
4 spotted kittens, 2 boys & 2 girls

2 Females sold Becca Stark. MN

Male # A1  Sold Ross, ND

Male # A2 sold Bo. Fargo ND.

Prada x Picasso
2 Kitttens  1 female & 1 male

female P1
sold Jodi MN.

Male P 1 sold Ricky Duluth, MN.
Very playful, large body type very beefy!
Very tame and likes to be held, has a very pretty Marble pattern. Super calm and will be a great family pet!

Reagon x Jax
5 kittens
  deposits on this litter for females.
I am not 100% sure of the sex of the 5th kitten. Posting soon.
These kittens have very tiny ears, big puffy whisker pads and short tight velvet texture pelts.
Kari T   SD
Jodie F   MN.

Female R 1
for sale

Female R 2
for sale


Male # R1
( pictures taken 7/25/10)


Male R2  
sold Jodi MN.


 Male R3
Sold Kari, SD.

Pictured at 6 months.( Camping with the family)

Avona & Jax 7/10
7 spotted babies

Crystal & Picasso
July 2010
2 males 1 spotted / 1 Marble
1 Spotted female

***All kittens below have been sold.***

Dior x Jax
3 females

females sold
 Shanti female & Shawn's female
( pictures taken a few days before they left)

Female # 1D  sold
Sold Rick , Diane & family Roeder, MN
This family has been very supportive of pets. This is their 3rd. pet from me, they have 2 of my Mar Brees Min Pins.
( Thank you Roeder family for your confidence in my breeding programs and your referrals to family, friends & Co workers.)

Female # 2D 
 sold Shanti, MN.

Female # 3D 
sold Shawn, MN.


Bailey x Picasso
3 Marbles 1 male / 2 females


Female # B1  Sold Patsy, MN.
Brown spotted, Another wonderful kitty! She is Purrrr fect!

Female # B2 Silver   sold Barb & Mark M.  ND.
Snuggles! She is absolutely sweet!!!
Never scratches, will lay on her back with ease. VERY Nice kitty!

Male Sold. B1 Silver
This is a very docile, sweet tame kitty.

Avona & Jax

All the kittens from this litter are sold.


Marble male Sold Scott ND.

updated 4/23/10


Snow male
sold Dawn, MN,

Same kitten 1 week later.

updated 4/23/10


Spotted Female
sold Patsy Y. MN

updated 4/23/10

Dior x Picasso
Oct. 12 2009

"Milky Way"

Snow spotted Female
sold, Irene MN.

Milky Way pictured @ 6 months.
"St. Nick"
Marble Male
sold Mason ND.

Snow marble male
Sold Tracey, MN

Diva & Picasso

5 kittens Sept. 7 2009
Diva's whole litter has been sold.

Spotted Male Kitten # D 1  Sold Dave and Family, SD.

 Female Snow spotted Kitten # D 2 Sold Brandon, MN.

Female  Snow Marble Kitten # D 3 
Sold Jeremy Rustad, MN.

Marble male # D4

Marble Male Kitten # D 4  Sold Cindy, MN.
Cindi picked this little guy after she meet a few of the male kittens.


 Female Marble Kitten # D 5  Sold, Brooke, Alex, Andrew & Katlin. SD.

Avona & Picasso
All kittens from this litter have been sold.

had 4 kittens
Aug. 17th 2009

Kitten # A 1 Male sold Sophia MN.
2 year old Sophia will be giving this kitty a new loving home.

Kitten # A 2 male  sold Dan & Dorothy, MN.
This cat is so tame, you cannot believe it! He has been my "pick" kitten since the litter was born, He has so many tiny spots, you can't count them all, I don't think I can hardly find 2 that touch.... Head to Tail Spots!! And a REAL Docile personality.
Dan and his mom fell in love with the Shiba's and Bengal's. So they took one of each, when they left the kitten was sitting on the puppies back licking his ears. Dan will have a wild & crazy house for awhile with these 2 mischievous little boys!!!


Kitten # A 3  Female Sold Samantha, MN
Dad "Pete" stopped by to pick up his daughter's new kitten.


Kitten # A 4 female Sold Morgan & Madison WI.
These two sisters will have tons of fun with their new kitty!


Diva & Picasso
5 kittens Sept. 7 2009

Marble Male Kitten # D 1  Sold Cindy, MN.
Cindy picked this little guy after she meet a few of the male kittens.

Pictured below are Diva's and Avona's litters.


Dior & Armani had 4 kittens
May 22 2009

4 Beautiful males
3 brown spotted & 1 snow
I am absolutely thrilled with this litter, They are so sweet, cuddly, relaxed and just plain PurrrrrrFect!!!!!
These babies have been handled daily and still now at 5 weeks have hardly ever extracted their claws. I have not been scratched by any of these kittens.
 They have a very desirable look & personality.

Male #1 brown spotted
sold Clint, MN.
This little boy is as sweet as they come, he is loaded with little inky black spots everywhere. He will be very exotic looking.
Sweet ~Sweet ~Sweet!!!!!
Warm golden orange tones, nice wild looking head and has been handled since birth. Really likes people. Super calm natured.
Pictures taken 9/5/09

Pictures below taken 7/1/09

Male # 2  brown spotted
 " Jester"
Sold Tom, MN
Nice big kitty, Lots of warm orange tones, SUPER SWEET!!!! sits nice for nail trims & likes to be held and played with.
Pet companion deluxe here!!!!!
Pictures taken 9/5/09

Male # 3
Sidney Petersen, Canada
This was pick of the litter kitty, he has the nice cream clear under coat, big opening rosettes already, very large puffy whisker pads, and a nice thick short tail, he has a small ear with all the warms golden orange tones in his face. He is the largest in the litter.

Photo's below taken 7/1/09

Male # 4 white snow spotted
" Casper"
sold Hunter Wolf MN.
Happy Birthday Hunter!
This is a super sweet kitty, he has the bluest eyes you've ever seen, his tan markings are getting more distinct everyday. He is in his "Fuzzy Stage" in these pictures.
Purr - sonality Plus here!!!!
Pictures taken 9/5/09

Casper as a young baby

Photo's below taken 7/1/09

Diva & Eragon
2 girls May 4th 2009
staying here

Mama Diva adopted a red Min Pin born the same day. She loves him like he were hers.
( This shows the wonderful temperament and personality Diva has.)

Same kitty's pictures taken @ 4 weeks
I am so proud of these 2 kittens
they both have beautiful large open rosette's
very nice contrast, small rounded ears, thick poofy tails, wild heads and their bellies are loaded with spots. And best of all they are sweet & tame. Held & handled daily since they were just a few hours old.


Pictured below @ 8 1/2 weeks.