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Krug Cat Bengals

Maverick ( sold)
He will be a year old in the spring of 2012. His dad is a Champion, Maverick has everything he needs to be a show cat himself, and will make an outstanding King.

Exoticleopard Fudge Ripples Picasso
Picasso is the sweetest Bengal you're going meet. He loves being around people and other cats, his off springs have shown the same sweet level confident temperaments.


Exoticleopard Jax Are High


Jax is a very large cat, with a long thick body and an ultra plush coat he has a lot of bone, and a very mild temperament, he is meowing in this picture......
Sure looks like a growl of the wild.......

He and Picasso grew up together they rub and lick each other through the wire every chance they get.

Champion Palaceleopards Aladdin
Millwood breeding, I think he is the largest of my 3 males, he is a fabulous cat! 100% solid people & other animals  friendly temperament.  You can see the bone and size this guy has, he is 1 solid muscle machine. Thank you Melissa for sending this young man to me. He is the sire of Maverick.


Jax and Reagon ( below)
In Love!
These two are expecting their litter in May 10'

New outdoor closures for the cats to be in the fresh air & sunshine.

Cat closures in the winter, they love playing in the snow, then the sun is out.. They are out! They really enjoy basting in the sun & playing in the snow.
It is heated in the back end with their food, water & litter boxes.
We've had some cold and lots of snow, they have a cozy play & living area in the back with lots of room. But if we get a break in the weather, they come outside for some sun shine and fresh air. These guys are super healthy & happy!
Their pelts are unbelievable .

Picasso below.. "Mr Ham"