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" Mar Brees"
Miniature Pinschers


Claire & LZ
Date Of Birth Feb. 15th 2019

Female # 1 Staying here

Female # 2 sold

Male # 1 sold

Autumn & Coco
4 Males Aug. 8th 2018

Black & Rust Male # 1  sold Rachel
"Autumns High 5 Aspen"


Black & Rust Male # 2  sold Erin A.
"Autumns Oak"

Black & Rust Male # 3  sold Mike
"Autumns Hickory"

Black & Rust Male # 4  sold
"Autumns Maple"


Claire Bear & Prince
Aug 7th 2018

Black & Rust Male # 1  sold


Black & Rust Male # 2  sold Paula L.

Black & Rust Male # 3  sold Nate G.




Black & Rust Male # 4  sold Katie K.

Sweetie Blu
Born 7/18/18
Black & Tan Female # 1  sold, Tessa

Female # 2 sold Emily & Matt

Black & Tan Female # 3  sold Jason

Tan Male # 1  sold

Autum  & Royal
July 17th 2017

Black & Rust Female # 1  Sold

Black & Rust Male # 1
sold Linda B


Red Male # 2  Staying here

Flirt & Prince
Sept. 2nd 2017

Female # 1 sold

Blue & Tan Female # 2  Sold Jaclyn

Female # 3  Sold

July 14th 2017
Dottie & Rhett

Red female # 1 sold Lamar
"Dee Dee"
( ears have been cropped)


Red female # 2 Richard M.


"Dolly" sold Ashley & Kevin

Silly Milly & LZ
May 24th 2017

Black & Rust Male sold
Sly is an energetic puppy, Has been played with daily by my 4 year old grandson. Social with people & other puppies.
He is a study puppy and would fit well in an active or a  family with kids.

Nicki & Royal
May 3rd. 2017

"Nugget" Sold
Tiny and petite

"Netta" Sold
On the smaller side as well.

Betty Lou & CoCo

"Buddy Sold"
super docile and calm

*Desiree & LZ*
Born 4/17/1
Choc. & Rust Female # D-1 sold Andy


Choc. & Rust Female # D-2 sold Rachel J.


Black & Rust Female # D-3 sold Jr. and famly

Black & Rust Female # D-4 sold Linda H.


Black & Rust Female # D-5 sold Alex P.

Black & Rust Male # D-1 sold Dale

Red Male # D-2 Sold Kimberly

Cassie Dot & Prince
March 17th 2017

Blue & Tan female sold Dale

Black  & Rust female Sold Cindy V.

Rozlin & Hershey
March 24th 2017

Choc. & Rust female sold Jason Z.


Black & Rust male sold Mary D.

Choc. & Rust Male sold Joslyn C.
This is a boy, I got side tracked while taking pictures and grabbed the wrong back ground fabric.

Brandy & Prince
Jan 29th 2017

Black & Rust Female B-1  Sold Brandie

Black & Rust Male B-1 Sold Inetta G.


Black & Rust Male B-2  Sold Dallas M

Date Of Birth
Feb 3 2017
Aqua & Sweeter

Red Female #1   Sold  Lisa D.

Black & Rust Female #2   Sold Ben

Male #1   Sold Kelli

Claire & LZ
Feb 4th 2017

Female C-1    Sold Whitney D.


Female C -2    Sold Victoria


Male C-1   sold Diane H.


Nellie & Royal
Jan 10th 2017

2 females
3 Black males.

Female 1
Sold Alberto ( 3rd. MarBrees puppy)


Female 1 Sold Susan B.


Black & Rust Male #1 sold John C.
Super small puppy.


Black & Rust Male #2 Sold Jennifer Jordan

Black & Rust Male #3 Staying here

Twister & Vinny
Jan 2nd. 2017

2 Black & Rust males / 3 Choc. & rust females

Black & rust male # 1 Sold Linda L.

Black & rust male # 2 Bob Tibbs

Chocolate & Rust female # 1  sold Darla A.


Chocolate & Rust female # 2  Steven B.

Chocolate & Rust female # 3  Staying here

Tealy & Sweeter
Dec. 22nd. 2016

Black & Rust Male
 sold David L

Cassie Dot
Had pups Aug 24, 2016

Female # 1 Sold Vicki M.

Female # 1 Sold Zip R.

Litter born 9- 5-16
Snaps & CoCo

Black Female # 1 Sold Lynn

Black Female # 2  sold Heidi N.

Choc. / Rust Female # 3  sold Karen A.
2nd. MarBrees puppy, got her 1st. one 9 years ago.

Choc. / Rust Female # 4  Sold, LaTesha & Dontae

Sold George & Sangita

Aqua & Coco
Had puppies July 3, 2016

Black & Rust Male # 1 sold Brian & Family

Black & Rust Male # 2 sold Susan & Jon H.

Black & Rust Female # 1 sold


Chocolate & Rust Male # 3 sold David & Carol H.

These 2 boys get to stay together. Bought by the same family.
Chocolate & Rust Male # 4 sold David & Carol H.

Bailey & Rhett
June 6th 2016

Black & Rust Female # 1 sold Christine D.

Black & Rust Female # 2 sold Brenda H.

Black & Rust Female # 3 sold Heather L.

Black & Rust Female # 4 sold Kyle & Susie A.

 Choc & Rust Female # 5  sold Linda S.

Choc & Rust Male # 1 sold Robert

D O B - April 24th 2016
Silly Milly & Sweeter

Black / Rust female
sold Victoria


Choc. & Rust Male
sold Joel

Black & Rust Male
sold Christine D.

Choc. Pam and Rocky
Born March 25 2016
3 Puppies all Choc ~ Rust girls.

Female # 1
 Sold Colleen C.

Female # 2
Sold Colleen C.

Female #
3 sold John & Nicole A.

July 23 2015

Female Staying here.

Colica & Rhett Whelped 4 puppies
Dec 24th 2015

Black & Rust Female # 1 sold

Black & Rust Female # 2 sold

Black & Rust Male # 1
 Sold Melissa J.
"Charlie Boy"


Black & Rust Male # 2
 Sold Stacie G.
"Clancy Boy"

Skylar & Coco whelped puppies
 Dec. 29th 2015

Black / Rust female  #1 Corey F


Black / Rust female  #2  sold April T.

Chocolate / Rust Female Sold Donna


Chocolate / Rust male  sold Misty C.

Bailey & Coco whelped 6 puppies
 Oct. 15th 2015

Choc. & Rust male # 1
sold Amina B.  

Choc. & Rust male #
2 sold Linda  IA.

Choc. & Rust male # 3 sold Rose C.

Choc. & Rust male # 4 sold

Choc. & Rust male # 5 sold Gary, MN.

Choc. & Rust Female # 1  Sold Tim. MN.

Cassie Dot had puppies
Aug. 27th 2015

Female # 1 Black & rust sold Liz 

Female # 2 Black & rust sold Carrie P. MN.


Male # 1 Choc & rust  sold Phil,

Aqua  Had  5 puppies  Aug. 20th 2015
4 females & 1 male.

Female # 1 Choc & rust  Sold Patrick L. WI

Female # 2 Black & rust  sold Natalie

Female # 3 black & rust  sold Sandra & Alvin
" Aspen"

Female # 4 black & rust  sold Kimberly A. Iowa

Male # 1 black  & rust  sold Kimberly A. Iowa

Sarah  & Pudding
July 28th 2015

Red male for sale
( Sold, Amber P MN.)


Black & Rust Male sold Daniel Locke
2 nd. MarBrees puppy

Black & Rust female sold Jaclynn H.

Little Pam x LZ

April 21st. 2015
Choc. & Rust female
Staying @ Mar Brees

Red Male

Colicia x Prince
May 4th 2015
7 Beautiful Black & Rust

Male 1 sold Amber, IA.
" Charlie"

Male 2 sold

Male 3 sold David G.
This is a Micro Min Pin, Super Tiny.

male 1
Staying @ MarBrees

Female 2
Nichole Sebesta, MN.

Female 3
 sold Jim Strobeck, MN
"Cha Cha"

Female 1
James & Elizabeth H.
Micro Mini

April 21 st. 2015
Maxine & Coco
 2 chocolate & Rust babies.

Choc. & Rust female
sold Michael P.


Choc. & Rust Male
Sold Chero Y. MN.

Jan 22nd. 2015
Rhonda & LZ

1 black & rust female
Sale pending. JoDee H. MN.

Dec. 26th 2014
Silly Milly & Rhett

1 male & 1 female

Male sold Lisa, SD.

Female sold Barbara S. Iowa

Oct 22nd. 2014
Babe & Rhett

2 Black female & 1 red male

Black & rust male
sold, Shawn IA.

Red Male sold
"Buck Wheat"

Skylar & Pudding
Nov. 4th 2014

Female # 2 Sold Michelle,
Very small


Female # 1 Sold Rio & Christy,

Choc. male picture coming soon, Looks just like female # 3
Male sold Brian, MN.

Female # 3 Sold Shawn, IA.

Oct 22nd. 2014
Babe & Rhett
Black & Rust female 1 Sold Lori, MN.
This is a Micro Mini Pin, She is an absolute Doll!! Flirts with my husband daily, very petite & charming! Will mature to 5-6 lbs.


female # 2 sold


Cassie & Pudding
Sept. 5th 2014

Black & rust female sold

Black & rust female SOLD

Black & rust male SOLD

Choc. & rust male sold

Maxine & Rhett
July 25th 2014
( Ready to go the end of Sept.)

2 females / 3 Males

Male # 1 sold, MN.

Sept. 10th 2014
Tealy & Sweeter had 4 puppies

In order
Black Female / Blue female / Blue Male / Black Male

Black & Rust female sold
"Bella Blue"

Blue & Rust Male Sold Duane, MN.
"Little Boy Blue"


Black & Rust Male Sold, Stacey, WI.

Date Of Birth Aug 1st. 2014
Black Male
Sold Carolyn K.
 This little guy is absolutely stunning! He is likely one of the most mellow Min Pins I have ever raised.
Will be a sturdy size, with a very calm & docile personality!!!

Mystery & Rhett
July 18th 2014
( Ready to go the end of Sept.)
2 females / 3 Males

Female # 1 sold Denny & Sue,

Female # 2 Todd & Teri MN.

Male # 2 sold Frank & Shannon,
"Mighty Mike"

Male # 3 sold Greg,

Little Pam x Pudding
July 6th 2014

Female # 1 Sold Ben, MN.
"Miss Lila"

Female # 2
Sold Nicole, IA.
"Miss Lola"


Female # 3 Sold Debbie P.
"Miss Lexi"

Female # 4
Sold, Barb E. MN.
"Miss Layla"

Male # 1
sold Philip, WI.
" Lionel"

Female  # 3 Sold Turhan L.

July 9th 2014

Male # C 5 Sold Kristy, WI.

Male # C 4


Male # C 1
Sold Danny & Kelly R. MN

Male # C 3
 Sold Jackie, MN.
smallest in the litter


Female # C 2 Sold John & Robin MN.

Aqua & Pudding
Female # 1
sold, Deb L. MN.


Male #1
Sold Dan T.

Silly Milly x Coco
July 4th 2014

Micro Mini Female
Sold,  Charlotte P.


Stag Red Male
Sold Jeanette, ND.
This puppy is going to be a beautiful color! Dark Deep rich color.

Skylar & Pudding
March 25th 2014

Black female sold, Connie WI.
"Sara Lee"

Choc. & Rust female sold

Red male sold

Maxine x Sweeter
March 16th 2014

Choc & rust female
 sold Dang, MN.
" Mocha"

Red female sold Kim G. Duluth MN.

Kitty & Rhett
4 Micro Mini's
born 2/5/14

Female # 1 sold Lisa & Brad S. Iowa

Female # 2 sold Alberto, MN.
"Baby Blue"

Female # 3 sold Jason, MN.

Male sold Daniel,

Queenie x Rhett
March 4th 2014

 4 Puppies

Female # 1
Brian & Pam K.

Male # 3 red
 Sold Scott S.

Male # 1 Amina B.

Male # 2
sold Courtney WI.

Tealy x Pudding
March 1st. 2014

5 puppies

Female # 1
Sold Kristen B.


Female # 2
sold Mike G. MN.


Male # 1
Sold Ercilia & Renee M,

Male # 3
sold Nate & Melissa D. MN.
"Ta Dah"

Male # 2

This is a Micro Mini, Will mature to 5-6 lbs.

LaTae x Coco
March 10 2014
( puppies ready May 5th)

Choc & rust Male # 1
sold Chantal,

Choc & rust Male #
2 sold Dang, MN.

Choc. & rust female
sold Kelli E. MN.

3 Females born Nov. 1st. 2013

Black & Rust female  Sold, Brian H. MN.


Black & Rust female sold Mario & Linda,

Black & Rust female sold John MN.
Her ears have been cropped now.

Dec. 1st. 2013
4 males & 1 female

Black & rust male # 1 sold Jared , IA.
He is the smallest male

Black & rust male # 2   sold Jeanne, MN.

Black & rust male # 3  sold Brooke WI.


Black & rust male # 4 sold

Female Black & rust sold

Dec. 10 2013
Male # 1 sold John & Baby, MN.
" Bucky"

Male # 2 Sold 

Dec. 3rd 2013
Milly & Dixon had 3 girls.

Female # 1
Sold Pam, MN.

Female # 2 ( tiny)
Sold Dawn,


Chocolate female Very tiny,
will mature to 5 lbs..
Sold Jeff, MN.

Female # 3
Sold Joan,

Dixie & Will
Oct. 27th 2013

3 girls & 1 boy.

Female # 1
 Sold Dan .

Female # 2 
 Sold Trina, Int'l Falls MN.

Female # 3
Sold Shari, WI.

sold Melany, MN.

Maxine & Sweeter
Sept. 10th 2013

"Marco" black & rust male
Sold Chris, Mn.

Aug. 17th 2013
Queenie & Rhett

Red male.
Sold Corey, MN.
Red male & red female both sold to Corey, MN.

Rhonda & Will
July 20th.2013
Male # 1  Sold Richard H.
Gorgeous stag red male. This puppy has a doll face just like his mom.
He is the darkest red puppy in these pictures.

Male # 2 Sold Jason, MN.
Super cute puppy, very calm, sweet and snuggly.

Colica  & Dawson
Black & rust male
Sold Bart, MN.

Aqua & Tanner

Sept 1st. 2013
La'Tae & Coco

Male # 2 Sold Whitney,

Black & Rust Male  Sold KayLee,

This is a Micro Mini. He is a dainty little boy, very sweet and has beautiful cropped ears.

Female # 1 sold


Female # 2 Sold Ariania MN.

Female # 3 sold Anne S.
"Little Loki"
She is the smallest in the litter, just a little peanut!
Her ears are so light they are curled back right now,
 but they will straighten out and stand straight up in another week or two.

Male Sold Matt, MN.

Little Pam & LZ
July 26th 2013
Sold Hutchinson MN.
Beautiful red female, she's a light red with gorgeous golden / green eyes.

July 16th 2013
Bailey & Will
3 females & 1 boy.

Female # 1 Sold Brenda H.
This little princess will be on her way to Ohio in a few short weeks,
 She has a new family eagerly awaiting her arrival.

Female # 2 sold Laddie L. ( Truck driver)
This little babe will mature to 7-9 lbs. she has a lovely personality
 just like all of her siblings,
 calm, sweet and playful.

Female # 3 sold
This is the "big sister" she's on the bigger side like her brother.
She would be a great fit for families with young children,
or if you're looking for a future running partner. Very calm and easy going.

Male # 1 sold Brook
This will be a bigger boy, he will be extra sturdy for the active family with small children.

Skylar & Salsa Jr.
May 30th 2013
( 5 females)
Female # 1 Sold Cathy ,

Female # 2 sold and female # 4 sold
Ashley & Chloe
Getting 2 new babies, they purchased their 1st. Mar Brees Min Pin from me 8 years earlier.
This is their 3rd. Mar Brees Puppy.

Female # 3 sold

Female # 4 sold

Female # 5 sold

Sage & Rhett puppies born 1/6/13

Male pup staying here.

Born May 25th 2013
Sold Keri & Family, MN.
 Joining his Micro Mini buddy "Hercules" a past MarBrees puppy bought by this family a few years back.  

Dixie & Pudding
 Born in April 26th 2013

Male #1 Sold
Super calm & sweet puppy!
This puppy has a real easy going personality.

Male # 3 sold Doug V. and family MN.
This little guy is the social butterfly in the litter, very outgoing & Loves people.

Female # 1
Sold Elaine MN.

Female # 2
Sold Jen,
She is the smallest in this litter, has a babydoll face.

Male #  2 sold
This little guy is mellow and sweet! hardly hear a peep out of him or his brother. They both love people and are really well mannered. He has such an easy temperament!!! Docile, low keyed and just a sweet heart!!

Rozlin x Dawson
March 14th 2013

1 female / 1 male

Female Sold E.T. Baird, .
Super friendly puppy, she has a beautiful face!

E.T. Is is Race Horse Jockey, he has raced at the Kentucky Derby. He's had over 2,000 wins in his career so far. This puppy will have an exciting "Fast paced"  life with E.T.
E.T. Flew in and rented a car to pick up his little "Paige" since I'm a few hours from the airport, I met him 1/2 way.


Male Sold Terry, MN.
Very pretty face and crisp markings!! Real friendly and outgoing!

Sage & Rhett puppies born 1/6/13
2 males
Black & rust male # 1 Sold Derrick,


Black & rust male # 2 Staying here
"Mr. Scooter"
This is a smaller puppy with an amazing little face!! He is a doll and has a wonderful personality. He is fearless, playful, full of himself and then absolutely loves to sniggle quietly!!

La Tae' x CoCo
Jan. 5th 2013

2 choc. / rust females & 1 Choc /rust male

Female #1 Choc / Rust  sold Jennifer P.

Choc & rust female # 2
Sold, Corey


Choc. & Rust Male
Sold David, MN.

Aqua x Salsa Jr.
Dec. 23rd. 2012

2 females

Female # 2 Sold Howard, .

Female Black & Rust # 1 
Sold Alberto, MN.
On the smaller petite side.

Tealy x Dawson
2 puppies Nov. 19th 2012

Both of these puppies should be smaller then most standard Min Pins.

Sold Michele, Montevideo, MN.
Ears have been cropped since this picture.

Sold Quinn, SD.
Ears have been cropped since this picture.


Queenie x Rhett
Dec. 28th 2012

1 female & 2 males

Female # Q1
sold Tracy & David,


Male # Q2 sold Nancy H.


Red Male # Q1  sold Kelli, MN.
"Little Man Ophie"
He is the smallest puppy in the litter, I think Ophie will mature at 6 lbs. range, He LOVES people and other puppies, He always greets me with tail wags & kisses. His little guy has an 100% wonderful temperament & personality!! He will bring so much love and joy to his new family!

Sasha & Rhett Oct. 21st. 2012
6 puppies~ 4 females / 2 Males

Male #  2 sold Dawn S.

Female # 1
Super TINY. Micro Mini
1 lb. 10 oz. at 9 weeks

Sold Raven B. MN.

Female # 2 Sold, Heather MN.

Female # 3 Sold Jennifer, MN.
"Susie Q"


Male #  1 Sold Tony, MN.

Female # 4  sold Rita,


Tanna x Will
Oct. 23rd. 2012

2 boys the brothers are staying together!
 Thank you Maria and family   for keeping them together.

Male # T 1                 and                   Male T # 2

Slylar x Coco
Sept. 20th 2012 ( 3 females)

Black female in the middle is sold Lindsey, MN.
Choc. female # 1 sold Scott & Mary,

Mom is blue and dad is Chocolate


Female Chocolate / Rust  # 1  sold  Mary & Scott C.

Ruby's new mom Mary flew in from FL. to pick her and take her home,
It was a cold Minnesota evening when I met Mary to give her the new puppy.


Milly & Coco  Sept. 10th 2012
3 puppies ~ 2 males & 1 female

Male # 1 sold Deanna,
Teeny Tiny Micro Mini here, This little boy is nothing less then adorable!!
He is absolutely the sweatiest baby I have right now.


Male # 2 Sold Kelly & Chris, MN.


Female sold Shannon, ND.

Rhonda x Dixon
Mom is stag red and dad is black / rust
Aug. 11th 2012

2 females / 1 male

Female # R-1  Sod Teresa, MN.
Choc / Rust, she is a real rich chocolate color.

Female # R-2  Sold Lacey,
Very Jet black & rust, she has real crisp markings.  She is so SWEET very quiet and relaxed personality.
This is a super nice puppy.

Male # R-1 sold Elizabeth, MN.
Super attractive dainty pretty chocolate & rust. Calm & sweet!

Dixie x LZ
Sept. 9th 2012

5 puppies   2 girls / 3 boys

Female # 1  & 2 staying here.
"Demi"                                       "Dee Dee"

Male # D-2 sold CT.

Male # D-3 Sold Iowa


Male # D-1 sold Renee, MN.
This will be a fairly big boy,
 he will be ideal for a family with small children or an active outdoors type family.


July 11th 2012
Cassie Dot & Isaiah

VERY small tiny Choc./ Tan female. She will be 5-6 lbs.
sold George & Jeannie K.

July 17th 2012
CD & Rhett 5 puppies 3 girls / 2 boys

Female # 1 sold
Mature approx. 7-9 lbs.

Female # 2 Staying here
Mature approx. 6-7 lbs.


Male # 1 sold Nathan, MN.
Nice little male should be about 6-7 lbs.


Female # 3 Sold Mechele,
Smallest female in this litter
Mature approx. 5-6 lbs.


Male # 2 Sold Bob,
Smallest male in this litter
Mature approx. 6-7 lbs.

Sage & Coco
June 29th 2012
4 females & 1 Male all black & rust

Female S-1
 sold Lauren,
The one with the red collar. She is dainty and petite, very playful and likes people.

Female S-2
Very similar in body style as her sister #1
she is sweet, playful and awaiting her new family.

Females #1 and #2

Female S-3
sold MN.
This is a very regal female, she is larger then her sisters, she has a very pretty face and body type.
She will be a strong durable little girl.

Female S-4
Sold, Ashly & Josh, ND.


La'Tae x Dixon
May 24th 2012

4 puppies

2 Females - 1 Black & Rust  / 1 Blue & Tan
Black female sold Kate & Josh, MN.
Blue & tan sold to Katie & Josh, MN.

#L1 Male sold to Loren, MN.

2 Black & Rust Male
Black & Rust Male # L-2
sold Stephen, MN

Bailey & Dixon
May 22nd. 2012

5 puppies - 3 males / 2 females

Choc./ Rust Female # B2  sold, Amy
Docile puppy, on the calmer side.

Red Female # B1 sold
Super friendly & playful. This puppy is adorable.

Choc. female sold WI.

Red male # B2 sold, Hart M, MN.
Beautiful red puppy lots of expression icey blue eyes,

Black & Rust male  sold Amy B.
Amy has his sister too.
This puppy is super docile, snuggles and loves to lay in your arms like a baby.
Calm, and eager to please.

Little Pam & Dixon
May 22nd, 2012

4 puppies / 2 males & 2 females
Choc. Female # 1
 Sold Patti,

Choc. Female  # 2 Sold,

Male # 1 small black & rust
Sold Lilli, MN.

Queenie  x Rhett
May 18th 2012

3 Boys & 3 girls
These will be Micro Mini's. Will range from 5 lbs. - 7 lbs.
This is an absolute stunning litter of puppies, Gorgeous doll faces on all of them.
( Puppies are 3rd. generation dogs bred by me)

Female Q - 2 for sale ( smallest in the litter)
Sold Colleen, MN.

Male Black & Tan Q - 2 sold Loren, MN.

Male Red  Q - 3 sold


Female Q-3
sold Laurie & Adam, MN.

Male Black & Tan Q -1  sold Carol, MN.


Female # Q -1 
This little girl will be staying with me.

Muffin x Isaiah had pupies April 24th 2012
3 very Tiny Micro Mini females 

This will be my smallest litter all year. Mom & dad are both 5 lbs. dogs.
This litter is a 4th generation bred set of puppies .
( I have mom / dad , Grandma / Grandpa, and Great Grandma / Great Grandpa, on both sides.)
The personalities , health & quality will be extraordinary.
These little girls are nieces of  "Bella" my daughter's 5 lb. choc. female.

Choc. female # 1 Sold Angelica,
1lb. 3 oz. @ 5 weeks & 2 days old.

Choc. female # 2
Sold Patricia J.
1lb. 7 oz. @ 5 weeks & 2 days old.


Black & rust Female # 3  sold Victoria, MN.
Super Tiny, cute, healthy and adorable!

Sasha x Will
March 31, 2012

3 females & 1 male

Female # 1 Sold Tammy, MN.

Female # 2 sold Dan.
Pictures taken 6/26/12


Male # 1
Sold Marc, 

Female # 3 sold Connie, .
Pictures updated 6/26/12
Nice little girl, she is a calm snuggly puppy. I think she will be a little on the lazy side.
She's had both of her puppy vaccines and is ready to go.

Grace had 2 puppies
1 girl & 1 boy
March 11, 2012

Female sold JoAnn, MN.

Male G - 1 Sold  Brain,
Cropped ears, pictures taken 6/26/12
This is a very stunning puppy. He's jet black with crisp tan markings.

Rhonda & Will had 3 puppies Feb. 3 2012
1 black & rust male available.
Sold MN.
This is an exceptional puppy!!! Very calm and willing. He is just delightful to be around.
He is so sweet & just loves people & other pets. He will be a real easy puppy to add to your home.
He does not bark much at all, and he has a very gentle nature.

Blue female
sold Debbie P.
( Her 2nd. MarBrees Min Pin )

"Miss Dainty"
Born Dec. 15, 2011
Red female
Weight on Feb 21st.     1lb. 15 oz.

Teeny Tiny dainty little girl. she will only be about 5 LBS. full grown

Colica had 3 male puppies 10/26/11

Black & rust male
sold, Doug, MN.

Black & rust male sold Kerri, MN.
Will be super tiny!! 5 - 6 lbs.
Micro Mini.


Red male
sold Christa, MN.

Bailey has 3 puppies still available.
Oct. 2011

"Bandit" Sold Anthony, MN.
Super playful & curious!


Bailey female sold.
She took to her new owner right away!!
she crawled up her neck & settled in her hood. And this girl was not leaving without her!!!

Choc. female  Sold Bradfords,
This is a very pretty puppy. Very sturdy and sweet, will be an extra nice pet for someone.

 Queenie had 2 puppies both girls,

These are both real small puppies, these will be Micro Minis.
Choc. & rust female
sold Greg, MN.
Tiny little girl, very calm & quiet.

Black & rust female
Greg, MN.
She is just a peanut. Very sweet

Little Pam & Dixon
3 females
Sept. 26th 2011

Chocolate & Rust female
sold Larry, MN.

Chocolate & Rust Female # 2
Sold Jennifer,


Chic & Jake
Sept. 24th 2011

3 puppies 1 female / 2 males
This whole litter appears to have a mello personality!

"Chunk" Sold Tom & Phil,
Nice looking puppy, will be on the large side,

"Charlie"   Sold Joyce, MN.
Med. sized puppy, vice rich coat will make a nice family pet.


"Cassie" sold Karen,
Small, extra cute very black with crisp markings.

Muffin x Isaiah whelped 3 babies
Aug. 26th 2011 ( 2 reds 1 black)
Both parents are Micro Mini's, these will be approx. 6 lb. adults.

Black Male
Sold Dawn R. MN.

Female Sold Lisa,
Super tiny will be approx. 4-5 lbs. full grown. She is bursting with personality!
Very tiny. But "big" personality.

Male Sold Sue,
Very nice little boy, has very nice type. Playful and outgoing!

 Dixie & Little Blu had a litter of 6
August 15th 2011

5 Blues & 1 black * Males & females*

Black Male sold Dick Glass, .

Blue female
Jon & Rachelle Rosenberg WI.

Blue Male Min Pin for sale
"Ducan" Sold Dee,
This will be a bigger puppy. Will make a sturdy pet for a family with kids.

Gradey has puppies Aug. 9th 2011
Red male sold Rich,
Super nice little boy, Outstanding personality!!

Red female Sold,
Very sweet and happy, loves people and has a 100% perfect temperament

Grace & Will had 4 puppies June 5th 2001
3 females & 1 male

Female # 1 "Gretta"
Her ears will stand very nicely once her muscles get stronger.

Sold, Steven     MN.

Male "Georgie"
sold Julia K, Park Rapids MN.

Lizzy & Dixon June 21st. 2011
3 black & rust males
1 male sold Brianna, Fargo, ND.

Male # 1 Lars sold Victoria B. Duluth MN.

Male # 2 Larry  sold

All 3 boys below.

Brianna & friend below with her new puppy.

Cassie Dot x Salsa Jr.
2 puppies on June 6th 2011

Female Micro Mini Black & tan  Sold Lori, MN.
Very fancy puppy, Estimated adult weight 5-6 lbs.

Tan Male Micro Mini
Very good looking tan puppy, Estimated adult weight 6-7 lbs.

Grace & Will had 4 puppies June 5th 2001
3 females & 1 male

Female # 2
 sold John M,

Female # 3

Sold Janice, MN.

Queenie X Rhett March 29th 20011
Female # 1 
for sale Sold Jodi, MN

Female # 2 
 sold Jenni, MN

Female # 3
for sale Sold Kylie

Sold  Chelsea & Austyn, WI.

Jenni X Salsa Jr.
April 5 2011

All 3 females above.

Female # 1 sold Jenna Pryor & Andreas Nodl
( Hockey player for the Philadelphia Flyers) MN.

Female # 2 Sold Deb Schmidt MN.

Female # 3 Sold Jennifer

Chic & Jake litter born  March 7 2011
3 Males & 3 Females
Male Chic #3  sold  David F.

Female Chic # 1
Sold Heidi,

Chic Female # 2  Sold Lori  SD.
Second MarBrees puppy this month! So happy with her little Lacey, she needs another.

Male Chic # 2

Female Chic #3
sold Lester Prairie, MN.

CD and Rhett had 4 girls 3/23/11
Female # 2
"CHANTEL" ( sold Brad H. )
5 weeks old 1lb. 7 oz.

Female # 3
Sold Brad H.
5 weeks old 1lb. 8 oz.


Female # 4
5 weeks old 2 lbs. 7 oz
"CHER" Sold Brad H. MN

Sold Debbie Pickens
5 weeks old 1lb. 7 oz.


P Male 3
Sold Jace,
Will be a larger boy, Ideal for hikers, joggers, runners or family with small children.


Sasha Male
Sold Jace,

Gradie Litter 1-2011
Male # 1 sold Rudy,

He has had all his puppy vaccines & is current on his worming.
This is a very striking puppy, will mature at 8-10 lbs.
Beautiful jet black & rich rust markings.

"Sam" sold

Date of birth 1/9/11
Rhonda & Will

sold Lori & Wendall SD.
This little girl is very sweet & docile.

2 Boys for sale below, Both have had their ears cropped since this picture.
Both Sold
Sold Shane & Cheryl MN. ( the one standing)

Red Male

This puppy is very dainty looking, he is silly, fun, playful ,
calm & snuggly and will make an excellent pet!!!
Sold Amber & Josh, MN.

Thanks for the updated photo, Wendy!

Beautiful Mar Brees dog, thanks, Tardif family.

Izzy, Chocolate living in FL.


Karlin litter 3 females  Sept. 10th 2010 Date of birth
Red female sold to Amy Duluth, MN.
Black female sold Bahama's

1 black female sold Linda & Rod, MN.
Sold Trina, Bahamas Islands.

Queenie x Salsa Jr.
whelped 11-22-10

1 male & 1 female

Female "Minnie"  sold Al & Lesa,
Super small


Male "Moe" Sold Amy Duluth, MN.
Beautiful crisp markings.

Jenni x Salsa Jr.
Oct. 12 2010
3 females & 2 males
Female # 1 Sold Gary & Jessica F. MN.

Female # 2 "Happy" Sold Brittany, MN.
This little girl just squirms when she see's you, She is so happy and alert, when you talk to her, her ears go back and she licks her lips with anticipation.

Male # 1  "Jay Jay" sold Gordon G.

Sold Kelly O.
"Mr. Showoff" should be 7 lb adult.
He's always stands very square every time he stands. He's a Natural!!!

Sasha & Will
Nov. 18 2011

Male  # 1 Black & rust Sold Sasha, MN.

QT x Will 4/29/10
Black male Pictured at 5 months sold Tom, MN.
An absolute doll!!! Family pet DELUXE!!!!
Handles like a wet rag... super docile & hardly ever barks. ( I have kept his full sibling sister)

Rhonda & Jake had babies June 23, 2010
< Red female Sold > Dawson MN.
beautiful light red color with hazel eyes.

"Rocket" born in June 2010
Red male
sold Jon, MN.
Very fun and outgoing, He will be a larger Min Pin,
 Ideal for a family that enjoys the outdoors, hiking, biking etc... Very study & strong.


<Choc & rust male sold Tom, MN.
Very friendly, snuggly and outgoing! Really an exceptional puppy.
Loves people, always approaches you, will be and EXCELLENT family pet!!
Has had all his vaccines and current on his worming. He is so comfortable in the soft puppy bed  he took a nap during our photo shoot.

July 3, 2010
Crank D x Salsa Jr.
2 black males & 1 black female

Female  Sold Jonathon  MN.

Lorie Gurl's litter
2 F and 2 M

Female   sold  Giancarlo, MN.


Sm. Female  sold Anna


Male sold Linda  MN.


Male sold Jessica,

Cranky x Briggs
If the tiny baby stage is not for you, check these boys out.
Male # 1
sold Hutchinson MN. family ( pets only)

Grace & Jake whelped 5/10/10
5 pups 4 female & 1 male

Female # 1  ( Sold Colin, MN)
Silly girl, playful and adventurous.

Female # 2 sold Howard J. MN
Tiny little girl, very flirty & zeisty!


Red Male  sold, Tom L. MN.
This little guy is so full of himself! Smart, witty, playful and very feminine looking.

Red female # 3 sold Kendra, MN.
Elegant and playful, sweet puppy that likes to snuggle. LOVES little kids!!

Red female # 4 sold Scott, MN
Dainty, calm and sweet, active but enjoys your lap too!

Jenni's litter 4 -12 -10
2 blues M & F / 1 red F
Blue male & female sold, Casey & Michelle Fargo, ND.

Grady X Jake
April 13th 2010
6 puppies  3 M & 3 F
Female sold Andy, MN                Female sold Brad , MN.

Male  sold, Bertha, MN.

Female  sold
Alicia, Tjaden & dad. MN.

This little girl is exploding with personality!!!
Super tiny! Extra Cute! Her grandpa was a brindle Min Pin.


Rhonda whelped
D.O.B    Dec. 24th 2009

"Cuddles - R" staying here.
Red female, she has natural ears. She is super docile, very easy to hold and rag dolly feeling. Not a care in the world. Personality deluxe!!


"Copper - R" sold Travis & Maria MN.
Red male, natural ears beautiful red color, will be about 10 lbs. a nice sturdy boy and will make a great family pet. Great temperament!!!!!!

Chic x Riley
Nov. 27th 2009
5 Females and 2 males.

Blue Male

Tan Female # 1
 sold Brittany, MN,
Tans are a very unique color, some times as adults the tips of their hair can have a little blue cast to it. They are really neat looking.

Tan Female # 2
 Sold. Joyce N. MN.


She is the one to YOUR left. The other is a Tan.
Red Female # 1
 sold Jamie WI.

Tan Female # 3
Staying here.

"Cee Cee"
Red female #2 sold

Dixie x Puddin
Date of birth Oct. 29 2009

Male # 3 "Dudley"  Sold Andre,
Larger of the 3 nice sturdy size. gorgeous markings.


Male # 2 "Danny" sold Jamie
Very pretty face on this puppy, really calm & docile will be an awesome lap dog.

Male # 1  "Doc" Staying here
Super cute, will be on the smaller side.
Really a nice puppy, Cute as a button!

Sasha x Rhett
D.O.B     Nov. 25th 2009

Female S-1  sold to Roger & Sandra,

Female S-2 sold, Annette, MN.

Male S - 1 sold Chris, MN.
Super classy puppy, he has an elegant way about him, leaner refined body style.

Male S - 2 sold Kyle, MN.
Very stylish!! Has a super gait and a very nice body type, he is playful and a very fun puppy.

Male S - 3  Sold  Paul,
He will be a sturdy puppy, has a calm / low key personality.

Hallie & Will
Sept. 27th 2009
2 males  / 2 females

 Black female H 1 sold Kristi and boys MN.       Black female H 2 Sold Nicole

Male H 1 sold Ron, MN.
Nice sunny weather, and the boys finally got to go out and enjoy some sun!

Jenni x Salsee Jr.
Date of birth Oct. 10 2009

Male # 1  "Jet" sold Foreman's                   Male # 2 "Jumbo" sold to Bob K. MN.

Grace & Will
2 females / 2 males
Sept. 28th 2009

2 males                                       2 females

Female G 1 sold Tardif Family,                   Female G 2  sold Sold Liz Arita & Nathan MN.


Male G 1 sold Tony, MN.                                    Male G 2  Sold Andrew & Lisa H. MN.

Queenie & Isaiah
Sept. 10th 2009
1 male

Pam & Bruiser whelped 7 puppies ( 3 F  4M)
Aug. 11 th  2009

3 females ( all sold)
black & tan female sold Michelle,

Female # 2 Staying with me.

black & tan male #  P1
Sold Anthony D.

Male # P3  Black & rust
Sold Josh MN.
Happy Birthday Josh.

Male # P4 Black & Rust  
Sold Mankato MN.

Male sold Sacorna, MN.

Mar Brees Teen Boys
Date of birth April 3 2009
sold Debra,

Black & rust male was born Nov. 08'  sold Matt, Iowa
This little guy is absolutely gorgeous.
My Little Damon has finally found his forever home. He is going to live with an older couple who recently lost their Min Pin.
He will be leaving for FL. a few days after they get him. He'll spend the winter there, and then retreat to a cabin in Northern Minnesota in the summer.
He will enjoy his new life very much.

Carlin x Jake
Born Sept. 2nd.'09

Black female #1 and # 2  Sold Terry Hodge,  
Min Pins are like M&M's you can't have just one!
When the Hodge's got here to pick up their little girl,
 they decided to take two!

Black Female # 3  Sold Anne P, MN.                    Black Male Sold, Arash MN.

QT & Rusty whelped
July 23 2009
1 male & 1 female

Choc. & rust male on your left sold Stephanie,
Female on your Right staying here.

Both puppies.

Scarlet & Isaiah whelped 1/1/09
Gorgeous red male AKC Sold Ora
Will be a tiny little guy. Mom is 6-7 lbs. dad is 4-5lbs.

Maxine & Riley whelped 6/23/09

Red male for sale sold  Fawn female for sold  MN.
Same family bought both puppies, they could not decide on just one.

Choc. sold Carrie                  Black Female sold, Smith Family, MN.

Rosia (red) x Bruiser ( blue)
1 red male
"Roadster" sold Mehgan & John MN.
He has alot of eye appeal.
 Very alert & has a very pretty stance! Super playful.

Patsy X Salsa Jr.
Whelped 1 choc. girl

"Prissy" sold
She will be a tiny one. I have left her ears natural. She's  a little go getter!!
Loves people and very playful.

Feb. 5th 2009
Min Pins.
Min Pin cross

"Bambi" Sold Kelly MN.
Very sweet and will make an EXCELLENT pet!!!
She is very pretty & kinda a "Cartoon Looking" puppy,
I had 4 litters of this cross & everyone was just thrilled with the personalities!

Chic x  Bruiser
Whelped 4/7/09
4 girls & 1 boy ( Blues and black & rusts)

Female # 1 and female # 2 Black & Rust
" Candy"
Sold Denise & Ralph
After getting Callie they were so thrilled with her personality, they  now have her sister shipped too.

Female # 3 Black & Rust
" Cee Cee"
sold Jen & Mike MN.

Female # 4 Blue & Tan Sold Rachel & Elliot,         Blue male

Dixie & Bruiser

Female #3 Blue & Tan
"Betsy" Sold Vicki & Hyme  MN.
She has cropped ears, she is an exceptional puppy!!
Very dainty & petite she is just precious!
Check out her beautiful blue coat!
Pictures below taken 6/19/09

Female # 2 Blue & Tan
Sold Michelle MN.

Female # 2 Blue & Tan sold Michelle, MN.                    "Belle Of The Ball " sold Carrie & Troy, MN.

Blue male from Dixie litter
sold Debra,

Black & Rust Male # 1 "Stewy Sold Liz, MN.                    Blue & Tan Male # 2 Sold Josie,

May 5th 2009
Sold He is living with Nikki,
 Nikki was very patient & I might add lucky to land this little character!
 She met a 1/2 brother to Confused and has been contacting me every since, to get one just like this little "Fire cracker"

Red male Min Pin, His mama was unable to care for him when he was born. So was given to my Bengal cat to raise with her 2 female kittens. They were born the day before.
This little guy. "of course"   is litter box trained and the poor little guy doesn't know if he should bark or meow!! ( LOLO)
He likes to play with paper bags, feather toys , balls and hide in little hide-outs to take his naps.

whelped 3 babies
2 F   1 M
1 female sold to Teresa MN.
( This is her 3rd. Mar Brees Puppy in 5 years!)

1 Female sold to Clinton & Rika WI.

Chic x  Bruiser
Whelped 4/7/09
4 girls & 1 boy ( Blues and black & rusts)

Female # 4 Blue & Tan Sold Rachel & Elliot,

Female # 4 Blue & Tan Sold Rachel & Elliot,.                                       Male Blue & Tan  Sold Greg                            

July 9th 2008 Sold Tom C.
I kept this male back for a future breeding dog here, He has beautiful markings, disposition, attitude, and very nice quality. However he grew a  little bigger then what I like for a male breeding dog. So he is being offered for a family companion dog. He is completely vaccinated & has the most docile personality. He has a beautiful chiseled head.
 I just can't say enough about him.
 He tries to please you, and is as cuddly as a rag doll !


Born Feb. 1st. 2009 Tyra AKC
2 Black & Tan females
"Gretta" Sold Fay,                  "Gabby" Sold Amanda & Kyle


Nov. 17th 2008
Rosia x Puddin    Red mom - Choc. dad
2 red females / 1 red male & 1 black female
This whole litter will have "Natural Ears" All these puppies are ready now.

Black female sold The Ford Family

Red Female # 1 "Gretta"  Sold Kim, MN.
Nice dark deep red color, Will be approx. 10 lbs and 12-13 inches tall
She has a real docile personality.

Red Male " Revs Red Man " sold Kristy & Steve, MN.
This a super docile puppy, He is the biggest in the litter I think he will defiantly be a big boy,
Ideal size for a family with small children or someone who's very active outdoors.


Red Female # 2 Sold Sarah, MN.
"Rolex"  6-8 lbs. at maturity
Very sweet smaller type puppy, Again this puppy is very docile & gentle.
She is a petite feminine looking pup, she has a real "girly look" to her.

Aug. 23rd, 2008
Jenni & Bruiser whelped
3 girls ( 1 blue & 2 blacks) & 1 black male
Classy looking puppies, This litter has a lot of Spunk & Finesse !!
Except Jezebel, she's more reserved, laid back and quiet.
Blue female # 1
Sold Shirley F.
Black female # 2
 Sold Shirley F.

Black female # 3
Sold Brett & Kendra, MN.
Julia will be a Micro Mini, At 6 months old she weighs just 5 lbs. 1 oz.
This is their 2nd. Mar Brees Min Pin,
They wanted a playmate for the one that is 2 years old.

Black male Sold Chad and family MN.

Sept. 26th 2008
La Tae'a x Bruiser
Whelped 7 babies. 6 boys ( 4 blues & 2 Blacks)
1 Blue girl

Blue Male # 4 sold Keith

"Little Man"
Micro Mini

Black male # 5
sold, Rachel B  MN.

Below are a few pictures of "Little Man" and "Lumber Man" they are the smallest & largest in this litter. "Lumber" is very docile he lays and lets all his smaller brothers & 1 sister crawl all over him, pull on his ears or anything else they want to do, He just lays there and enjoys it. ( and smiles, like "is that all you got!!")
He is a sweet guy and really is a great "BIG BROTHER"

My husband calls them
Danny Devito  &  Arnold Schwarzenegger in the "Twins"


                           Black Male # 6 Sold Patty & Dusty,                      Blue Ma  2 Sold Heather B.

Blue female Lula Sold Karen & Don,
          Blue female Lula Sold Karen & Don, WI.                                        Blue Male # 3 staying here.

Sept. 5th 2008
Dixie & Riley had 7 beautiful puppies.
4 Females ( 3 blue & 1 black) 3 Males ( all black)

Female # 1 Blue & Tan Sold Dianne, MN.                    Female # 3 Blue & Tan  Sold Delores, MN


Black & Rust Male Sold Harold,       Black female Micro Mini  Sold Karen & Don,


Female # 2 Blue & Tan     Black & Rust Male  Sold John MN.

"Damon" sold Ellen T. MN
Black & Rust Male EXCELLENT PUPPY!!!!!

Sept. 8th 2008
Cranky & Will had 6 black & rust puppies.
"Candy Cane"
Black F # 1  Sold

"Candy Cane"
Black F # 1  Sold                   "Cotton Candy" Black F # 2  Staying here.

 Black F # 4 Sold Jensen family MT.

 Black F # 4 Sold Jensen family                             Black F # 3 Sold, Scott, MN.           

Black M   Sold Dick,

Baci & Bella both are Mar Bree puppies
Loved lots by Rita

Gracie & Ginger loves by Becky T. MN

"Callie" Retired Mar Brees female
Adopted to her Forever home with Ernie, MN.

Cassie x Bruiser whelped ( Bruiser is Blue)
3 Black & rust 
This litter carries the dilute gene for blue.

 "Cookie"                                                         "Captian"
Black f Sold Ken & Cheryl SD.            Black m sold Paula, Brice & Ryker, MN.)                   

Black Female # 2 Staying here

QT x Puddin whelped
3 choc. & 2 red

                      Red Female Sold  Gabe                                  Choc. Female sold  Wanda,

Choc. male
sold Brai                            "Boyd"
                                                                 Sold Stephanie,

Rosia x Will litter
Sold to Pam   

Scarlet x Briggs 6/23/08
3 red females    /////   2 black &rust males
Sold 1 red F Mary 
Sold light red F Stacey,
Black M sold  Kristy, MN.
black male staying @ Mar Brees
Darker red female Sold Becky T, MN.

3 red females.

Red female "Ginger"

Black Male # 1 "Sammy" sold, Kristy MN.

I have decided to keep this little Show Stopper!!!
Scarlet x Briggs 6/23/08
3 red females    /////   2 black &rust males
Black male # 2 "Sisco"
Look at his natural gait & And Stack!!!!!!

Salsa has been placed with a MN. family. 11-2008

Pam & Will whelped
1 black & rust female and 1 black & rust male

Male "Pete"  Sold Nikki MN.

Female "Paula"  sold Kristy MN.
 on your left

Breezy & Riley litter ( Blue dad , Black mom)
May 7th 2008
1 blue male & 1 fawn female

Fawn Female  sold

May 9 2008
Foggy x Riley ( Blue dad & Black mom)
2 Black Females & 2 Black males

Female # 1  sold Nicole C. .

Female # 2  sold

Black male # 1   sold Joe

Black Male # 2 (Staying with me)

Blue Male
(Sold, Paula, Brice & Ryker, MN.)

Cranky x Briggs 1-20-08
4 Red females all for sale

Female # 2 sold Nikki, MN.

Female # 4 sold Stacey & Guy  MN. Along with their other black min pin "Oakie"
He's a VERY friendly and well mannered boy. This new red female will be a new family companion to all 3 of them.

Red female sold Maria & Brady SD.

Red Female sold Guilliaume,

La Ta' x Riley 1-23-08
1 Blue F, 1 Blue M, 1 Tan M and 1 Fawn M

Blue F sold Cindy,
Tan M sold Lori,
Blue male sold Mark D.
Fawn male sold  Brandon S.

"Hot Rod"
Blue Male
sold, Mark MN.

           Tan Male Sold Lori,        Blue Female sold, Cindy

Fawn male
sold Brandon S.

Scarlet x Isaiah
whelped 11/26/07

2 Red females ( both will be small)

"Susie Q"
Sold Crissy,

Sammie Jo. Staying here.

Lizzy x Rusty 2-5-08
2 Choc. M & 1 Choc. F

Chocolate  & Rust Male # 1 (  Sold. Graham H. 

Chocolate & Rust Female ( sold Lori,

Male pup sold.

Mocha black male sold to Sherif,

This is an "Aqua" female puppy  with her kitty friends.

QT x Riley whelped 11/11/07
2 Choc Males & 1 Black Female

Choc. Male # 1
sold Dana & Jason, MN.

Black & Tan F staying here

Choc. Male
 sold Kevin & Bonnie, MN.

Rosia x Rusty Whelped 11/16/07
1 Red M / 1 Black M / 2 Red F & 1 Black F

Black F
Sold Paul, MN.

Black  Micro Male Sold
Cassie Norby, MN

Red Male 
Sold Anna, MN

 Red F staying here.


Angel X Rusty 10/19/07
2 females & 1 male

"Ruby" Micro
Choc. F Sold   Moe

"Andy"  standard
Choc. Male
Sold Jason, MN.

"Allie"  standard
Black F sold Anna MN.

Hallie x Puddin
2 Choc. Males & 2 Choc. Females

"Hanna" Micro
  "Holly" Small - Micro
Choc. F #1 Sold Rita,
( 2nd. Mar Brees Puppy)   Choc. F  Sold Rick R , MN.( 2nd. Mar Brees puppy)

Choc. Micro Mini Male
Sold Billy & Jessica MN.

Hallie x Puddin
11/21/07 sold Heather,

Pam x Rusty litter 8/24/07
Puppies available in this litter.

Pam red F # 1 ( Sold Becky, MN.)  Pam black F #1 ( sold)

Pam Black M (  sold Michelle G. )     Pam red M (sold Ivan, MN.)

choc. male sold to Arissia, Michael, Scott & Sarah, MN
Updated picture (above) sent from "Stanley's" New family.

Red M sold to Ivan & Family, MN.

1 black female ( sold Kirk, MN.) puppy in front.


Whelped 3
2 girls  / 1 boy.

Male micro from this litter sold, John MN.

Female # 1sold Sara Eden Prarie, MN                  Female # 2 Sold Eric & family, MN.

Grace x Handsome litter 9/3/07
All black & rust 2 males & 2 females
All M
icro Mini's

Black M # 1 sold Maggie, MN.           "Brodie"  Black M # 2 sold J Bunney,

"Gina" 16 oz. @ 5 weeks Black F # 2 (  sold Ken & Cheryl,

"Gi Gi" 17 oz. @ 5 weeks Black F # 2  Sold, John W.

Ken, Cheryl & "Dot"

"Jocko"      And       "Gizmo"    Grace x Handsome litter
Full Brothers.
Sept. 3 2007 Date of birth
Sold Reggie & Nicole

Slightly larger of the two.


Brezzy  x Boone litter 9/3/07
Blue/ Tan / Black & Rust. All 4 females

Blue F Sold Kim,           " Bethany" Tan F Sold Margaret R, MN

" Babe" Black F # 1 Sold, Cindy Jones     " Betsy"  Black f # 2  sold Dick & Brenda MN.

Dick & Brenda 2 Mar Brees puppies
Breezy F & Tomerae M

Tomerae x Puddin
8/5/07 3 males

Black & rust M micro  sold John. MN

Dick & Brenda MN.
Tomerae M and Breezy F

1 standard sized male / Black & rust
(  Sold April J MN.)
 He has a real Doberman look to him.
This puppy is real sweet, he is a sensible little guy,
He'll make an awesome pet!!!!

Hattie & Boone whelped 8/13/07
These will all be small when mature adults.
1 Blue F/ 1 Tan F/ 1 red M/ 1 black & tan F

Blue F Sold Cara T.                 "Hannah" Black F Sold Margaret R, MN

 "Honey" Tan f sold Cara T.

"Hunter" Red M Sold, Guillaume Coderre,
Pictured below Hattie's litter at 4 weeks.

Lizzy & Will whelped 7/22/07
1 black & rust female ( Sold Melissa, MN.)

Cranky x Rusty   June 24th 2007
4 Black & Tan male puppies born

Male # 1 should mature on the larger side. Sold, Joel H.

Male # 4 Micro Mini will be small 6lbs at adult.( Sold , Sara

Male # 3"Cappy"  should be about7- 8lbs.  (sold Jennifer, MN)

Male # 2 "Charlie"  (sold Rich, )

Scarlett x Salsa whelped 5/21/07
These are Micro Mini's ( they are very fancy pups)
2 females 1 black 1 red // 2 red males

Black female "Sugar" (Sold Bob & Emma, MN.)

Red female "Spice" ( sold Karen,

Red M ( left) sold Todd & Mary      Red M( right) Sold, Dave, MN

Foggy x Rusty whelped
2 black females / 3 black males 
Black & Rust Female Micro Mini (sold, Colleen Bursh & family, MN.)

Black & Rust female (SOLD Angie, MN)

Black & Rust male ( Micro Mini )
 (Sold  Danitra & Justin, MN.)
"Flirty Doll Face"
Black & Rust Male
(  Sold, Kendra & Brett Cannon Falls, MN.)

Justin & Brett picking up their new puppies, both girls had to work.

"Fredick" Now named "Bailey"
Black & Rust Male ( sold, Tanner MN)

Tanner flew in to pick up his puppy.


"Ruby"  2/20/2003 ( sold Ann, )
Beautiful red 6-6.5lb  female absolutely gorgeous!!! 


Black male (sold Michael, MN.)
 Son of Ruby & Superman pictured below
he is in the back of the picture sitting up.

QT x Briggs  AKC
Whelped 3/27/07

"Olivia"                         "Sophie"

Red Female (sold Annette, )          Black female  sold Chrissy F. MN.

black male sold to Joe Rask, MN.

Red Male  (sold Desi & Stephanie, MN)

Red Male # 1 (sold Diane, )


Fancy whelped 3/7/07
1 Black & Rust male Sold Sharalynn & Rob,


Gypsy & Stewie

Full brother & sister, What a sharp looking pair of teenagers!

Wallace ( red male) & Lizzy black female
Wallace was raised at Mar Brees. Sold to Ann & John,

Birth date 3/03
Pixie finally found her forever home with the Deb Pflug family in Minneapolis

Izzy & Loki
Izzy is the Choc. & rust. Linda bought her about 4 years ago, she's a daughter of Rusty & Pam. They vacation on the gulf every winter, these little beach babies play in the sand & water daily, And get to enjoy this beautiful sunset every evening. The rest of the yr. they reside in NJ. Owned by Linda H.

Whelped 1/11/07
Hattie ( black) x Boone ( blue)
Micro Mini's 1 tan male & 1 black & rust female

"Honey Pie" Black female ( Sold, Colleen, MN.)          Tan Male "Hunky" ( sold, Tom R. )

Cassie x Boone
Whelped 1/15/07 ( All puppies sold)
1 Blue female sold  Cassie B.
1 Blue Male sold Rueben & Callie
1 Black & Rust female sold James
1 black & rust female
( sold,MN)

2 Black & rust females both
( sold, James  and 1 to Heidi & Mike A, MN)

Blue F Sold Cassie,           Blue M sold Rueben & Callie

Cranky ( black) X Riley(  Blue )
2 black males

"Tucker" sold to Mary Brann, .

Male "Captain" (sold Phoxay, MN)
Callie x Riley
Black male puppy, 13 weeks old. Selling as pet only, has white on his chest.
sold, Stephanie, MN

Red male puppy from this litter sold to Rob Capp, MN.

Lizzy x Briggs whelped 11/27/06 ( Dad is CH sired)
"Belle" Female # 1  (  sold, Randy & Jody, MN)

"Lily" Female # 2  ( sold Jenny. MN.)

" Lucky" Male # 1 ( sold, Josh & Barb ) The puppies 1st. St. Patrick's Day Party.

Male # 2 "Lars" sold

"Lil Red" red male # 3 ( sold, Ann & John, WI)

Breezy x Boone
1 Tan female / 1 Black & rust female
1 Red male

Black Female "Bethany" Sold Angel   Fergus Falls, MN

"Tana" Tan female (  sold, Michelle  MN.)

Red Male "Bailey" ( sold, Chris, ND)

"Moo" 5 yr. old female  adopted by Katie N , MN.

Rosia x Rusty whelped 11/06 ( Mom is CH sired)

These puppies will be standard sized.
3 black & rust / 2 reds
"Remi" Sold to Rick R. MN.

Black male ( Sold Craig, )

"Robby" Black & rust male
 Sold Becca & Dave, MN

"Red Boy"
Dark red male very stylish & pretty. (Sold, Mae )

"Harley" sold Wendy, He was Wendy's birthday present.


Scarlett X  Salsa  ( Mom is CH sired)
Whelped 11/6/06 
Red female  (sold Teri, MN)
Her new mama was thrilled with her new lap puppy.
Tasha will have a wonderful loving home... Full of animal lovers!!!

Extra cute ! Very sleek  little face with a lot of  expression !!  Feisty & Playful!
 1 Black M  ( Should be Micro Mini's) This little guy will keep them on their toes.... He was doing everything he could to impress them... and make sure their attention was on him the night they came to pick out their new puppy. I think he & Kevin will be great buddies!
Sold Kevin & Bonnie, MN.

Foggy x Boone
1 male black & rust for sale ( 10 weeks old)
Reduced for Christmas special   * Sold, Gerber Family, WI.


Jewel X Riley
Whelped 9/7/06

"Jade"                   "Jasmine"
( Mini Min Pin)
Jade Sold Gabriell Brudek ,        Jasmine sold to Chris Bozeman.


* Rotty x Boone
Whelped Aug. 11th 2006

2 blues F / 2 fawns 1 M - 1 F/ 2 blacks 1 F - 1 M
All four Girls.  2 Boys Fawn & Black

"Buttons" sold to Jeremy, MN.

Black F  staying at Mar Brees /////// 

 Blue F   Sold, Delores, MN  "Buffy"

 Black Male "Dante" Sold Dedria. Dante's family writes; Best Christmas present ever!
Dante pictured with his new Mom & Dad.

Callie whelped 7/25/06

 "Cody" black male sold, MN   Connie" black female (sold)

Tyra x Daniel
Whelped  7/18/16  for sale.
2 choc females / 1 black female & 1 Choc. male

Choc. Female # 2 "Tinker"( Sold, La Donna, MN.)

Black Female # 3 "Tashia"( sold, Kyle )

Choc. Male " Tank" ( sold, Sue)

Tina, sold to Amanda, MN

QT x Riley ( Blue) Whelped July 21st. 2006
3 choc. 1 Black

Q T Choc. female sale pending Todd & Mary

 " QT Beauty" Black female ( sold, Lynn & Mike, MN )

Choc. male # 1 "Rambo"  Sold Stephanie,            "Rocky" sold to Neil L 

Chic x Boone Whelped Aug. 27 2006
2 Blue F / 1 red F / 1 Black F.

1 Blue Female sold, Cara Tiger     Red female sold, Ben, MN,
1 Blue Female sold Renee Smith 1 black Female sold Peter, MN

Ben with red F, MN.

 Blue F   Sold, Renee,   "Belle"

1 Black female sold  Peter, Raymond  MN

Pam & Rusty whelped 6/22/06
Shipping date Aug. 25th

Wow... Zaaaaa !!!!
Boy did she have a litter......
 3 choc. 3 black & 2 reds. Yep... 8 and all look like pea's in a pod!

Choc. Female sold J Randall,      red male  Punky ( sold Chis, MN) 

 " All packed up and heading for her new home!"
Black F sold to Ted E.

Black female & Male sold Justin & Julie K. MN.
Lexis & her brother are staying together and were adopted by the same family.

Red male Peanut( sold pending, Mary, MN.)   Choc male sold, MN

Hallie  x Salsa whelped 6/24/06
( Hallie is a choc. Salsa is a black. Micro Mini litter )
Whelped 3 black girls & 1 black boy
Super Fancy looking puppies!

Female # 1 "Holly" sold Sara,

 Female # 2 "Haley" sold Mike Simenson, & Alssia WI

Female # 3 "Hannah"  sold Lesley & Felicia,                          Male staying here.

Cassie x Boone whelped 6/27/06
4 total will be Micro Min Pins.
2 blue males , 1 blue female & 1 black female

"Sarah" sold Robert R, WI.
Blue female, sweet & mellow

"Spunk" Blue Male sold to Lorriane & Roger,

 Hattie x Boone whelped 7/9/06

1 blue male sold  Kelly Moreno,             Tan male sold to Anna G.

"Royal Blue" Blue & Rust puppy owner by Kelly M  Thanks for the update Kelly)

Cranky x Superman 6/8/06
3 black males

1 sold to Dakota " Bandit"
1 sold, Neal Lavy
1 sold, Fred Horne,

Black males sold to Neal,     *** Dakota MN.    ***     Fred,


Darling & Boone whelped June 1st. 06 ( Blue factored)

All four boys in this litter @ 6 weeks old

"Smoke"                                          " Coal"
Blue Males
sold Gabriel                Sold to Jason C,

Black Male
"Sinder" ( sold Lynia, Jasper ,)  Black Male "Ash" sold to Angie, MN

Angel & Rusty Whelped 5 puppies  June 2nd.2006
3 females ( all sold) 2 black males (1 for sale)
(Lori IA, Black Female)
 (Bret  MN. Choc. female)
(Choc. female sold MN.)
( Black male sold, MN))
 (Black male sold  Michelle,.)

Black F sold,  IA.

Choc. female (Sold) Amy & Brett Puppies name is "Hallie"

Black male "Trigger" sold to Michelle, Canada. Trigger as an adult.

 She is one of the sweetest baby's Angel has produced. She's living the college life with my daughter Breanna. She lives in an apartment and is a good girl using an indoor potty method, She never barks, and no one knows she is even there. My daughter & her friends are having a blast dressing her in the latest doggie fashion!

Rosia x Briggs  April 15th 2006
Female & Male sold to Neal & Nicole E. WI couple.

March 5th 2006
Foggy x Briggs  (Black to  Red breeding) Briggs CH AKC SIRED
This will be an extra fancy litter!!!!
  Both females sold.
Current pictures


Sold, Jim & Family, MN.
Red Male puppy for sale. Fancy x Briggs many CH in this puppies pedigree.
Ready now!
March 7th 2006

Breezy x Boone (Black to  Blue breeding)
1 Blue Female  // 1 Tan male  // 1 black female
Blue female Sold. Allen Simerly,
Black female sold Vickie F.
Tan Male ( sold, Karen .)

Wendy x Superman 2/24/06 Micro Mini
1 black & tan female
( sold, Harry & Donna Rowe, MN) "Orphan Annie"

Mocha x Daniel
 6 weeks old current weight 18 oz.
She will be around 4lbs. mature.

Micro Mini "Sadie" F Sold to Ingrid,

Hattie x Boone 12/5/05  Micro's (Blue Lines)
2 Males  /  1 Blue & 1 Black "Extra Fancy Puppies"
Sold, Lisa McDowell,  Their 2nd. Mar Brees Baby!

Blue Male Sold Sara
( very small.... should mature at 5-5.5 lbs.)

Minnie x Rusty born 12/29/05
Female with Natural ears, really a cuddly puppy.  Sold Abby,
This is her little brother. Sold to Brandon & Grigg,

Mini Baby girl sold to Toshia, MN. ( Below)


Cassie x Boone whelped 12/5/05 Micro's ( Blue Lines)
2 Females/ 1 blue & 1 black

Cassie x Boone blue baby girl, sold to Kara Tiger,      Cassie black female Sold, Alex,
Chic x Boone whelped 1/06 
1 blue male / 1 black male & 1 red female

 *** Baby Kate with her new puppy "Hunter" Montevideo, MN
Blue Male sold to Heather Barton,

"Daisy Mae" sold to Becky, Calif.

Tiny black female sold to Tom & Darleen, MN. 3/10/06
Tiny female in the pink sold to Mary K,
Male on the red plaid sold to Audrey Berry,
Male on football's sold to Jim, MN.


"Mar Brees Wendy" , Born Feb. 04

Very pretty and sweet, looking for a pet home, She has no interest in being a mom.
She gets along with other pets very good, she's quiet and very content to just "hang out"
Adopted to her new home in MN. Picture of "Tucker" in her new home. ( She got a new name too)


12/15/05 Aqua x Salsa ( Micro Mini's)
Black Males
The shorter one on your right"Max" sold to Michael & Brandi,
The one on your left "Max II" sold to Chad & Tracie,
"Daisy" female in basket sold to Sara P.

A grandma bought this puppy for her grandchildren, MN


"Mar Brees Wanda " AKC whelped 11/16/05
3 blue males / 1 black & rust male & 1 black & rust female
aka; Darling sired by Boone he's blue. All should be very small ( Micro's)

Blue Male  " Timmy" sold, Danielle
Timmy & His new buddy "Scotty" mom writes'
13 month old Scotty & the puppy play like ole pals, Timmy plays gentle with the litter boy, and  is even sneaking a nap with him in this picture!

Mary & Her pup "Smoke"

Blue Male  "Smoke" Sold Mary & Todd,       Blue Male sold Shelly Tice

Black Female sold to Sandra,
Black Male sold to Joe Lutter & family SD. (Picture coming soon)

Mini Min Pins
"Jolene's Angel" whelped 6-20-04
Current picture the kids start leaving the nest tomorrow.
current weight 1 lb. 7 oz.( 9.5 weeks old)

Left to Right
Black male staying @ Mar Brees, Poncho male sold to Brooke,
Choc. female sold to Amber & Ashley, Miltona, MN.
Blk& rust female sold to Jessica & Eric "Peanut"

"Peanut" 1  1/2 years old.

QT and Pams's black males, sold to Kelly Jo & Traci, MN.
( picture coming soon)

Ellie & Katie sister's they each found what they were looking for at "Mar Brees"
"Ollie" Below with his buddy Sam. Ollie gets tired of protecting his buddy Sam all day.
Ollie is the Min Pin, Sam is the shepard.

"Mo Jo" Angel male puppy. sold to a SD family.
Sadie Mae VIII found a new home with Marion & Stan Anderson, MN
Her only requirements: Lay on a lap & be petted, I think she can handle this!!!

Stan called & said Sadie is doing great.. only a few accidents, house breaking is going good. And she follows Marion around the house all day, she's well behaved and has decided playing "hide & seek" with their wash cloths is a fun game! They are happy to have Sadie and in just 1 week she  has brought so much joy & fun into their home.

Pam X Briggs 1 - 9-06
Red Male "Rowan" sold to Sharon
Sharon got this puppy just in time for Christmas. He was quite a hit!

Red male sold to Stan, Granite Falls, MN.

QT & Bow Whelped 10/27/05
Red Male
(sold, Doug, MN)


Lizzy x Bow
"Peanut" 1.5 years old vacationing in Canada on a fishing trip & at another on a sandy beach  . He lives in Granite Falls, MN. with Tonya & her family.

Spot & Bow whelped 9/17/05
2 black & rust Females ( "Micro Mini's) Both Sold
Larger pup in front "Tru" sold to Lora, MN.
Smaller pup in back "Lilly" sold to Elizabeth,

Lora with her little girl "Tru"    And    "Lily" Elizabeth's female pup.
Annabell & Rusty whelped 9/23/05
   2 females 1 black / 1 red ( Micro Mini's)
Red Female sold Lisa Weeks,

Ruby & Salsa
Whelped 8/19/05

"La Kota"
Black & Rust Female (sold, Rowe's   MN.)
La Kota will be heading for Tx. soon, her new family winter's there to enjoy their retirement in the warmer weather.
La Kota's mom & dad called and said she's doing great & they are enjoying her very much! She loves to go on walks & when looking outside she has a "Show stance" they call her their "Blue Ribbon Dog" she's completely house broke & is learning all kinds of new tricks.

Ruby x Salsa Black male

Black & Rust Male (sold Ruby, MN.) Micro Mini
This little fella will be loved so much... Ruby his human mom... is alone during the week while her husband drives semi, so it will be just the two of them.... He'll be one spoiled happy puppy!!!

Drop Dead cute!!!!!!!! Very small petite female
Annabell x Rusty sold to Kara Fetty & family ( between parents & siblings this is the 4th min pin sold to this family.)
Breezy Brea x Bow
Whelped 5/26/05

2 choc. F & M , 1 black F, 1 red F & 1 blue male M

Red Female (sold, Kirk    " Dior" Black/Rust Female (sold Jenessa,

Choc. Female & choc. Male  ( both sold Deb D. ) Blue staying here.

Sold Lisa Atterberry,  Mini Min Pin
Mar Brees record setter "Smallest Min Pin Ever"
"Itty Bitty" 2 Lb. 5 oz. @ 18 weeks
Itty in her new home with Lisa, Itty is a smash with the trainer, she plays dead, fetches, boxes and all the other normal obedience training.

Here's "Cactus" with his kitty friend
Cactus was born at Mar Brees. Thanks for sharing your photo.

Rotty x Boone whelped 7-27-05
Here's a ***** BLING ***** BLING  Litter!!!!!!!!
These are 3 factored puppies.
1 blue female / 2 fawn males / 2 black males

Black male ( SOLD, Richard S, )     #2 Black Male sold Ronica & Family, MN.

Blue Female " SISSY" ( sold / Stephanie,

(Sold fawn male. Cara Tiger, .) 
Fawn male # 2 ( sold Vonda & Brentnol, )

Fancy & Rusty whelped 8/5/05

" Baci"
Choc. Male sold to Rita & Ken,  
Rita keeps in touch and they just love their min pin.

(Choc. sold, Rita & Ken)       (Black male sold Dan & Marge, MN.)

Foggy  Black   bred to Briggs  red  ( Ch. lines)
Whelped 5/25/05 
This is am amazing litter of puppies, excellent quality!

Female # 1( sold Tricia, )      female # 2 ( sold Lisa Triple M Ranch)
Lisa's puppy Sadie all grown up. What a looker, Lisa is getting her 2nd. Mar Brees puppy in March '06

Red Male ( sold Lori, )  Red female Sold to Dave, Dillon & Lynn, MN.  

Black Male "Micro Mini Min Pin"
Sold to Terri, Mark & their son. MN.

Feb. 26th Rosia ( daughter of Fancy) x Zek ( Int'l CH)
( several CH in her pedigree)
Sold to Amber Woldrop, MN.

Callie x Rusty 2/28/25

Choc. males # 1 Tony Stephans, MO. # 2 sold to Dee,

Spot x Bow whelped  3-4-05 AKC ( Really nice)
Mom is 6lbs. and cute as a button!!!!

Male # 1 sold to Allison, , with ball

  Male # 2 Sold. Dani & Randy ,MN
Puppy in the wagon is the same puppy with his new family

QT x Rusty ( both are choc.)
Whelped March 17th 2005

Both males sold
# 1 Becky Georgia ,  &  # 2 Staying here.

Female sold to Genevieve, Calgary,
" Rocco" Male sold to David Meza,

QT x Rusty ( both are choc.)
Whelped March 17th 2005
 1 red male went to Gumby & Wade
Pet only, He will be a little bigger, real cuddly, snuggly, and friendly would make a good sturdy family pet

1 - 09 05
Fancy & Zek
Zek is an Int'l CH. and has several CH in his 4 generation pedigree
 Fancy has several CH in her 4 generation pedigree


Female sold  1 Eric & Becky .  Current picture 11/06

 Female  2 sold   Greg

Molly & Wes MN. with "Roger"     "Sammy" Red male sold to Brain Alper,

Zek 2002' Red Male
went to his new home in WI. with Roland, Roland had a buddy" War Burton" for 9 years, after his passing, he had an emptiness in his life, He was desperate to find a new boy to love & care for, Zek seemed like the perfect fit! I had 2 outstanding red males, I prefer Briggs because he has a smaller frame & build. Zek will have a wonderful home .

#1 (SOLD)  Kristy, MN.     D.O.B 3/24/05

#2 Female sold Alan Slagel, // # 3 &  # 4 sold to Ida & Claude, MN.

Tomerae x Rusty 2-1-05
Tomerae is an Int'l CH

Black Female sold Teresa, MN.  Choc. Female Sylvester Schwartz, MN.

Black & rust sold Dustin, IA.
Female # 1 "Zoey" Zoey all grown up.

 Male 10-3-04 (  Rusty x Foggy)
Digger is a beautiful pup.. well socialized with other pets & people,    He's a really sharp puppy, and would make a lovely pet.
Veronica Lee has a good eye to spot a delightful puppy.
 Digger will be heading to his new home in

Brittany, MN. & red female puppy.

Mar Brees Lil Lizzy x Rusty
Dec. 17, 2004

3 girls / 2 choc. & 1 black * 1 male black
( This whole litter is sold)

black F sold Joe Sanchez, )          Choc. male sold Jay & Danielle, MN

Erik & Staphanie. choc. female /// Alan Hayes . Choc. female

D.O.B 11/28/04 ( Rotty X Bow) AKC
2 males & 1 female

Fawn male sold to Anh,  Same dog pictured at 10 months old

Choc. male sold to Susan Kranz, MN.

Rae & Bow litter 15-5-04

Male Sold to Jackie, WI.

Female ( Sold Susan Locke & Family, WI)   
This puppy will be busy.... as you can see!!!!!! 

D.O.B 10/7/04 Missy x Superman
1 "Mini Min Pin" Black & rust female
She's real tiny , Babydoll face
SOLD Heather, MN.

Tippy X Rusty
Choc. & rust female
Dec. 14th 2004
sold Curtis Paullin,

Whelped 7-1-04
"Mar Brees Ruby Q" x Houdina
Red female
sold Greg.
 black & tan male
sold Kristy H.

SOLD, Going to . with Julie
"Hill Crest Shirley Been Blue" AKC
June 23, 2004
This female is out of a blue male, She's staying to small & I won't be using her for breeding. I have decided to offer her for sale as a pet. She's outgoing & very sweet! She's the same size as a 10 - 12 week old puppy.


April 2002 Blue & tan female sold!!!
AKC full reg. due to come in heat in Sept. 2004 ( Carries a good blue pedigree) she is about 11.5 - 12 inches tall & weighs around 8 - 9 lbs.
 ( VERY NICE COAT !!!!) reason for selling.. I do not have a blue factored male to breed her to. I recently got a blue male puppy, and now have a few black & rust blue factored females to raise with him.

 Heading to Osaka Japan  Oct. 4th  2004


Izzi owned by Linda in. Izzi is quite a spoiled girl. Linda writes & send pictures often keeping me posted. Izzi is a daughter of Pam & Rusty.


I will be keeping this female
she is out of CH My Fate Is With Me &
CH damed & sired Winsapphire Passion's Play
out of 64 dogs on her 5 generation pedigree she has 59 CHAMPIONS!!!
She is cocky, alert, square & has beauitful movement.
(look for her in the show ring) pictured at 12 weeks.

3-1-04 Marclifs Allie whelped. See her pedigree on mom & dad page
Allie is champion dam & sired and was bred to "CH My Fate Is With Me"
1 black & rust male. This will be superb puppy, possibility for the show ring but definately for a pet or companion pet. If you want ONLY top quality this is the litter for you.

"Fancy" whelped 3-25-04 ( CHAMPION SIRED!!!)
All puppies sold in this litter.

The mom to this litter has
several champions in her pedigree & the sire is
" Ch. My fate is with me" ( Both pedigrees on mom & dad page.)

Black Male sold to Tyrone Preston,

Red Male & black female going to the same home in Custer,
Lissa Coffelt, Lissa will be trying her hand at showing, she never misses a  dog show in her area, she has her handler classes already to go.. Good Luck!!!!
Look for them in the show ring!!!!

Red females # 1 sold to Melonie,PA. # 2 sold to Dustin Carey

Pam x Rusty 2-20-04

SOLD!!!  Kara & Tim Parr  ( their 2nd. puppy from me.) choc. female..
SOLD!!!        Linda Hemphill,  choc. female.. She is one excited gal..
SOLD !!!   One will be staying with me for a future Mar Brees's Mama.
SOLD !!!  Michelle Tebault, Reno  Has choosen the black & rust female.
SOLD !!!
               Jamie,  adopted one of the stunning red males .
SOLD !!!                               Tiff is the proud owner of the last red male.

barbedwire3.gif (1448 bytes)
1 lb 6 oz.( 6 weeks) "Tea cup.." sold to Gary Kurth,
Dam: Blue ~  Sire: Black & rust       Dam is pictured on mom & dad pg.

barbedwire3.gif (1448 bytes)

Marj, We just love our Sadie ( we picked her from you in July) She has the best personality!! We laugh at her every day she has so much energy & is such a smart girl!! and of course she's just alittle spoiled.. Merry Christmas! Nancy, Greg & Sadie

barbedwire3.gif (1448 bytes)

" Bella" SOLD  congrats!!!
( In the nick of time, Alexandra called on my house phone, While I was talking to Amy on my cell phone, Amy needed to think about her a bit more, I called Alex back she bought her on the spot!!! Amy called back in 10 minnutes after looking @ her photo again, to tell me she wanted her, and lost out on this one... But will be taking a little female from a younger litter that is equally as cute & darling...)

barbedwire3.gif (1448 bytes) 

QT's Sparky Stitch June 2002 ( sold)
Sold to Canada , Stitch was born & raised here on our farm, He has a few new girls waiting for him in Ca. Good Luck Nora.

barbedwire3.gif (1448 bytes)

Hattie & "Mar Brees Aqua" 7 months old. This was Hatties Birthday Present She says it's the BEST present she's ever gotten!!! Aqua is on her 3rd. level of puppy class.
 Hattie says it's the "Best friend" she's always wanted. Hattie is our only God child we gave her this puppy as a gift for her 13th birthday.  I'm glad she is so "Proud" of her puppy!!
 She's done a fantasic job with her training!!! Way to go Hattie!!

barbedwire3.gif (1448 bytes)

Ester, Choc male 3-03.jpg (34154 bytes)
SOLD,Jeanie in NY,  Sold to Wandya in

"Mar Brees Sami Onyx"  whelped March 22nd.
Sami 2 blk females.jpg (89160 bytes)
F # 1( sold)Hattie Henkelman, Moorhead, MN. ** F #2( sold)
barbedwire3.gif (1448 bytes)

Buddy, L front.jpg (103293 bytes)
Black & Rust Male.
Merry Christmas!! Mac McKensey , .12-19-02
Sire: Butch Tommy Spark.

barbedwire3.gif (1448 bytes)

kims choc.jpg (4692 bytes)
Chocolate females went to their new homes.
Kim Wolf , . & Heather Leonard,

barbedwire3.gif (1448 bytes)
Ridge.jpg (40576 bytes)
"Ridgey Rex Jo"
AKC Registered  4-14-02

Ridgey went to a very nice home in Mn. He'll have a new play mate named "Hobbs." Hobbs works hard to protect people all night long, and needed a friendly little buddy waiting for him when he returns from a hard night @ work!!! Ridgey will miss "Rusty" @ first, but I'm sure will become good friends with "Hobbs" Not to mention he'll feel much more protected!!! with  his new friend. Hobbs & Ridgey are proudly owned by the Ekum family.

barbedwire3.gif (1448 bytes)
Jen &spencer Min Pin.jpg (4525 bytes)Stormy min pin.jpg (4189 bytes)
Marj, Here are pictures of Spencer & Stormy their very happy & well .... And so are we. Thanks for a great pup!!! Joe & Jackie. Stewart, Mn.

Stewart min oin.jpg (4451 bytes)                     jolene tootsie.jpg (59649 bytes)
Spencer@ 10 weeks  **** Jolene with her May litter (Spencer in this litter as a baby)

barbedwire3.gif (1448 bytes)
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