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We're a family business.  Getting to know us is to love us.
We share these pictures online with you as our way
for you to get to know a little more about our family and business.
(Click to enlarge any photos)


Marj & Brian Kruger


Breck & Brandon Kruger

Blake Kruger with big 8 point buck...
Bagged him the 1st. morning out! (11/05)


Breanna cactus barrels.jpg (17473 bytes)
Breanna Kruger
with barrel
horse "Cactus"

    "Mar Brees in the Winter"
We start'em young!!!

Bodee Kruger 3rd. generation horseman


"Mar Brees Kennel Queen's"

Prom 2004             Prom 2005              Prom 2006
My daughter & my niece.
Hard to believe these were the same 2 girls that vaccinated, & cleaned the puppy barn the night before!  These girls help with with airport runs & meeting new families with puppies.



Our Photo Album Horses for Sale Now Horses Sold