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Shiba Inu's

Mar Brees
Marj Kruger

Please add $4.00 per $100.00 when using papal

All my puppies eat Nutri Source Sm/ Med. Puppy food.
Click link above to find store locator.

I Ship puppies successfully with NW airlines. Shipping is $300.00 in the US
I have a trio of Shiba's that roam our farm freely, They are considered our farm dogs. My dogs are smaller that most Shiba's you see, They make for extra cute pets & companion dogs. They are very clean dogs & love to be made "part of the family" My Shiba's are registered with CKC.  $200.00 Deposit will hold your puppy. ( non refundable)

Updated 2/8 /10

My Shiba's are extremely friendly & social!
Both adults & puppies, My dogs get along well with all our other farm critters. They are nothing but gentle to the other pets that live here.

Foxy X Kia 9/8/09
Small red female for sale $700.00

She is very dainty & petite, just as darling and sweet as they come!
Estimated adult size 12-15lbs. She is one of a kind!!!

Oakie X Teddy
Jan 2nd.  2010

Black male for sale $750.00

Red Male for sale $750.00


Dove X Teddy

Female sold
Crystal MN.

Male #1 "Tipper"
staying here

He is a pretty clear red he will have a cream mask like his parents.

Male # 2  "Teddy" sold Anthony, MN.
He will look alot like his dad, He has alot of bone and a thick dense coat.
He will have beautiful cream points.

Pictured below are fun pictures of the 4 puppies available playing on a sunny 30* Minnesota winter day. They were only out for an hour but the fresh air does them good. They love playing in the snow.

The 3 larger puppies have been sold.
2 are from "Peyton's" litter and 2 from "Foxy's"

picture of left, 3 females in front, male in the back.
Peyton x Dodger
Sept. 15th 2009
2 females / 2 males

Black female
Sold  Chris, Okla.


" Pixy"
Sold Arlin H MN.
Red Female
Beautiful face! Has the nice Japanese lines above her eyes.
Her parents are both thick and muscular.


Dan and his mom fell in love with the Shiba's and Bengal's.
So they took one of each, when they left the kitten was sitting on the puppies back licking his ears.
Dan will have a wild & crazy house for awhile with these 2 mischievous little boys!!!

Black male
sold Dan & Dorothy, MN.

Red Male
sold Tony Moua MN.
Super playful!! He is a character! He's a bit of a talker.
He'll be a smart one that enjoys learning tricks.
Tons of expression in his face and body language.


Peyton's litter.
Pictures below taken Monday Nov. 2nd. 2009

Foxy x Kia
Sept. 8th 2009
 Puppies ready for new homes 11/8/09

3 Females / 1 Male

Female # 1
 Sold Emily C.   MN.

Female # 2
 sold Amity Las Vegas

"Yo Sha"
Female # 3
For Sale $700.00
She is a T cup Shiba. She's the smallest I've ever raised.

"Sha High"
Sold  Joel, NV.

Black Male
Sold Jen , Peyton & Michael MN.
ready Dec. 13th 2009

Oakie x Teddy
7/4/09 A litter of 8

4 red f, 2 cream f, 1 cream m and 1 black f.

Dad on Right   Mom on Left
Red Female staying here.
"Mar Brees Milleaka"

Red female 
"Taffy" sold

Red female sold Tom & Becky WI.
I think her face will be a creamy mask as she grows.
The black is fading into cream. She has  very Japanese looking eyes & markings.

Red female sold Scott Carlston MN.
She has the color of both her parents,
I think she will have a very light cream mask. She is sweet and very social

Cream Male sold Tom & Becky WI.
Very stylish And cute! He is fun, playful and very happy & healthy!

Cream female SOLD Catherine CO.
"M & M"
She's a doll!!! Very cute round face, playful & loves people!

Cream female sold
She is one of the smallest in the litter,
Very social & sweet.
She will enjoy her new family, Norbert, Bella & Alex. MN.

Black female Sold Stephanie, Calif.
 Very outgoing & friendly she is in the 3 smallest of this litter.


Fun pictures of puppies below, they are all girls.

Grandma's puppy helper!


One of my males I use for breeding.

Beauty Red female

Red Male ready July 1st.2009
Sold Troy MN.

Female sold Lisa C. Canada
Shiba Inu x American Eskimo
This is a really cute cross. Will be much smaller then a normal Shiba.
This cross should help with a Shiba Inu's "Independent" issues.

Male with white strip on face is sold.

sold to Troy, MN.
This puppy was re-homed after the previous owners could no longer keep him. He was born here & I am always happy to take back any animals I raise, if need be....

* Next litter due July 1st. 2009*


Mia x Dodger  ~     Whelped  2/ 4 /09
Red Female
"Meeka" Sold, Colleen & Jodi, MN.
Very sweet and loves people...

Foxy x Dodger
Whelped 2/14/09
"Mi Kenna" sold Alyssa F. WI.
Red female. Very nice puppy, extremely social.

Red sesame female Had her babies Jan 17th  09'
Bred to My black dog "Kia"
1 red sesame female sold Teresa & Andy Calif.
1 Black female sold to Sara F. MN. 
 1 black male sold Cole, MN

Red Sesame F sold Teresa & Andy.

Black Male sold Cole S. MN.

Black Female sold Sara Frauendienst,  MN.

"Mom" Peyton                       "Dad" Kia

Mia x Dodger  ~     Whelped  2/ 4 /09
2 Red Sesame Females & 1 Black Male
Mia insisted on nesting in the hay barn any chance she got, So when it finally came time to have those babies, she didn't think to much of my news paper, So I went & got her a chunk of fresh grass hay, and the whole family seems to enjoy it.

Below pictures taken 3/2/09
Red sesame F # 1   sold Ciji, AZ.

Black Male Sold Justin & Jenni, MN.

Red sesame F # 2 sold Jodi & Colleen, MN.

Foxy x Dodger
Whelped 2/14/09
5 Red puppies
1 VERY tiny male. 3 Males & 2 females.

1 red male sold Alison Rapp & Mitch, MN.
1 red male sold Leah, Canada
1 red female sold Jennifer NY.
1 red male sold Amy MN.
1 red female sold Alyssa & Chris, WI.

Female # 1 "Mi Keena" sold Alyssa & Chris, WI.

Female # 2 "Sheena" sold Jennifer NY.

Red Male # 1  "Yogi" 
Sold Amy & Sydney, MN.

Male # 2 "Per" sold Alison & Mitch, MN.

Red Male # 3 sold Leah, Canada


Past Mar Brees Puppy, He's a son of Keely & Kia.
Puppy picture below, Look at him now... all grown up!
What an eye catcher this young man is!!!!!
Congratulations to the Holien family on your very pretty dog!

Dove & Kia Whelped
Sept. 13th 2008
3 reds & 2 Blacks

Black female Sold Josh, MN.

Black male for sale Sold Shannon L, MN.

Red Female sold Karen & Brad, MN.                Black female Sold Martin Family, MN.


Ma Ling & Kia Whelped
Sept. 6th 2008

 Male # 2 For Sale Sold Tanner.  MN.
The biggest in the litter, a very nice puppy, happy, healthy & ready for his new home.

Red male  Sold Kelsey Family, NE.

Ma Ling & Kia Whelped
Sept. 6th 2008
5 Reds   3 F & 2 M

 Male # 2 Sold Tanner, MN.
The biggest in the litter, a very nice puppy, happy, healthy & ready for his new home.

Female # 1

Female # 2
sold, Mike MN.

Female # 3
sold MN. April Russell. MN.

Male # 1
Sold Crystal & Josh , MN                

All puppies below have been sold.

Foxy & Teddy Whelped Aug. 6th. 2008
2 Cream Females
1 red female
2 red males

These will be some OUTSTANDING Puppies!!!!
I have a female from this same mating and she is The Bomb!!!!

Cream F, Red M, Red M, Cream F, Red F

New pictures below

Faith & Fariah  cream females

Cream female # 2 
Sold Angela, Calif.
She is a very pretty girl, very calm & sweet .Has had all her vaccines,

Cream F # 1
Sold, Elisa, Canada smallest in the litter. These pictures were taken 9/27/07
She is petite, and you can see she has a sharp little fox ear. Very sweet & lovable!

"Cuddles"Sold Lisa Weaver
Red Female
looks like a fox cub!

Red Male # 1
sold Erica & Violet, MN.

Red male
 sold Lori, MN.

2 Black & Tan male puppies born 3-15-08
Keely x Kia

"Pudgey" Black & tan male
Sold Sean, FL.

"Porky" Black & tan male
sold Kim & Josh, MN.

I took a few pictures 3-21-08 of the Shiba adults playing in the snow.
All are of Mia. I was scheduled to go to the airport on this day, but after the forecast I went the day before, All this snow came in 1 day.
Mia is the "Model" in my Shiba family, get the camera out & she's all smiles.


Dove X Kia 1/ 15/ 08
3 females  2  Black/ Tan  & 1 Red Sesame 

Red Sesame female sold. Will be very small
Shatrina Thomas Ca.

Sold Kurtis, Alaska

Black female  "Bailey" ( sold Courtney & Matthew  CO. 2nd. Mar Brees Shiba)
Was the biggest in the litter, but should still be smaller then most Shiba's

Mia x Kia whelped  12/1/07 
3 black & Tan flashy puppies 2 boys & 1 girl.

Bath Time 1/22/08
Male # 2             Male # 1                   Female

Male # 1 **** Male # 2 **** Female ( in order in top left photo)

Female "Mia Babe"
(Sold Kim J CT.)


Male # 1 "Mia Mo Jo"
Sold Nicole, MD.

Male # 2 "Mia Man"

sold Lori, MN.

Foxy X Kia  whelped 12/9/07

    2  red male sesames.
2/4/08 Snowy day... but the puppies enjoyed 15 minutes of play time in the white powered stuff.

Both boys.

"Freddy" Sold Chris, Oklahoma.
 Red male, Puppy in front

"Franky" Sold Bruce, MN
Red  sesame male. Puppy in back

Keely & Kia had puppies  9/24/07
All Puppies in this litter sold.

3 males 2 blacks / 1 red **** 2 females 1 black / 1 red
These puppies are named for the web only.... I call them all "Puppy"
you can name them what you want, this makes it easier to identify them if you want info. on each puppy.

Mama "Keely"                   Dad "Kia"

All 4 puppies enjoying a couple hours of playing in the snow...
They are all pooped out tonight & sleeping like bugs in a rug!!!

Black M # 1 "Garland" sold Abby & Linda MN.
His tail curls nicely on some of these pictures it looks straight, He was so busy being silly he was leaping all over the place.


Red M # 3 " St. Nick" Sold Crystal, Indiana

Black F "Merry" Sold T. Brown FL.
Really great looking puppy here, she has tons of conformation, style & personality.

Red F " Tinsel"  sold Marla & Kyle, MN
All puppies sold from this litter
Dove had puppies 8/6/07
4 females.... 2 blacks / 2 red sesame's
Dove's puppies always have such a sweet  personality. Both parents are very people & pet friendly.
The parents are both on the smaller side and the puppies should be too, Shiba's make great family pets,* clean* Smart* Obedient* Classy* Fun* Sturdy and just plain CUTE!!!!

Mama "Dove"                                       Dad "Kia"

"Spicey" (sold Ashley & Anthony, MN)

"Pepper"(sold Miranda & Brandon, MN)    

Female # 1 sold  Sarah, MN.          "Doxy"  sold    MI.          


Foxy x Teddy
D.O.B 6/14/07
Red/ Red Sesame's & Creams.


Red Sesame Male " Mr Social " sold Carly D. MN.

Cream Female " Ma Ling" ( stayed here with me.)

Red Sesame Female "Minzie" Sold Catherine & Family, MN.


Cream Male " Boulder" ( sold, Courtney & Matthew, CO.)

Red Female " " ( sold  John, CA.)


Random pictures of this litter. It was hard to put the camera down...
This is a very friendly litter of puppies. Real gentle natured and sweet!

2 Of My  females

" Mar Brees Mia"               "Mar Brees Frost Of A Dove"

My Male "Mar Bres Kia"

Red male here at Mar Brees

"Peyton" Red Sesame Female.

Oakie red Mar Brees Female.

Mia  whelped 3/ 22 /07

3 Black & 1 red sesame ( All girls)
Mia is a cream female  Kia ( the dad) is a flashy black. 
These puppies have lots of flashy white markings. This litter should be quite small & petite.

Very Flashy litter!!! Kid tested & mother approved! ( All puppies sold.)

Flashy #1 Female"Panda" ( Sold  Heidi, Maine)

 Flashy #2 Female"Genus" Sold Jenna & Matt WI.


Flashy #3 Female SOLD Eleanor, WI.

Flashy 4 female "Jasmine" sold to Jessica & Claudia, MN

Dove whelped 11/7/06
 No Shiba pippies available at this time.
They will on the smaller side. Dove is a lovely dog with an outstanding personality!

3 black boys & 1 red sesame female.

Black Male # 1 "Kusha"
sold B Harrison, VA.

"Keena" Male # 2 sold Jeff Palmer, MN


"Kipper" Male # 3 Sold Marsha & Mel  MN.

"Kyria" Female ( sold, CJ MA.)

"Mar Brees Sukee"    &     "Mar Brees Frost of Dove"
My 2 females.

All puppies below have been sold
Mar Brees Dove litter

D O B  -  10/15/04


White Female //// SOLD
Kent, Az. ( his 2nd. shiba from me)

Black & Tan Female( sold) AZ.  Red Sesame M sold AZ.
Nov. 04

White Male "Mar Brees Boomer Rang"( sold)  Nov. 04   Blake K, MN.    

"Mar Brees Sukee"
Whelped July 2, 2004
2 black & tan males 1 red female.
These puppies have been socialized from birth. REALLY CUTE!!! & Really Friendly!!!
These will be smaller than most Shiba's, short backs, tight tails, lush thick coats & sharp markings.. Seem to be really smart puppies...

Ready for her new home anytime. ( current picture )
Red Female  sold...

Male # 1 ( SOLD)
Jeff & Sherrey Kruse & Family, MN.

Male # 2 Sold Peg Johnson & family, MN

  ( picture of all 3)
Ready for new home after  8-27-04

Mother / Daughter
"Mar Brees Frost Of  Dove" & Daughter "Mar Brees Akira"

Cassie & Akira.. Out for a visit.

**Mar Brees Sukee whelped 1-18-04
All puppies from this litter are sold. Thank -you for visiting, My next litter will be in May.
 Male # 2 SOLD
He is a very friendly puppy with alot of personality!!!
Tom & Jen will be adding this little fella to their home in VA


( Female sold, Lisa in CT.)

This little fancy female is sold to Lisa in Ct.

Male # 1 smaller of the 2 males. ( sold)
Dale , Joanna & family Mn. This family is excited & ready for this little guy,, hockey season is soon done.. then it's time for puppy training..

ropedi1.jpg (7244 bytes)
Mar Brees Frost of Dove whelped 10-24-03
America's Pet Registry ( APRI)

5 weeks Female  Sold!! Monica & Joe, CT. 8 weeks
Beauitful coat! Looks & feels like velvet played with daily by my daughter.

Female Sold to "The Norby Family" Eden Prarie, MN.
"Mar Brees Akira"
Velvet textured coat!! "Social Butterfly" she's quite small & petite, played with daily.

Male Sold!! Sammie, Texas
The bigger of the 3 Lush thick coat, loves people, and is played with daily.


ropedi1.jpg (7244 bytes)


Life size:  15 Hands Tall, 8ft.3 inches long,100 lbs.


Custom painted to look like any horse.


QH style $1275.00 / Paint- $100.00 -
$200.00 more depending on pattern.


Top of the line mold very heavy muscled.


We also offer Arabs - Drafts - Mini Ponies & Colts.

ropedi1.jpg (7244 bytes)
Bay Full body.jpg (60111 bytes)Bay head shot.jpg (102751 bytes)
Hemphills, Maine
ropedivider.jpg (7244 bytes)

Pal. full   maine.jpg (109933 bytes)
Bill Woffl, Maine
ropedi1.jpg (7244 bytes)

fiber1a.jpg (15490 bytes)          fiber2a.jpg (14294 bytes)
Bill Parker, Mt.

ropedi1.jpg (7244 bytes)
fiber3a.jpg (11020 bytes)     fiber4a.jpg (20429 bytes)
Janice Brockhouse , Minnesota
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Please contact us if you'd like more information.  
Email: or call 320.367.2562